The two biggest influences on what I do.

n792815370_3224928_9060I am honoured to have been taught Wing Chun Gung-Fu by Leung, Kwok Keung. I started training with him in 1993 and continued until he passed away in 2004. He was (and continues to be, my beloved ‘sifu’. I learnt the entire ‘Hei Ban’ or Opera Company/Red Boat line of Wing Chun from him and am one (of only two) inheritors of the system outside of mainland China. I hope I can keep the torch burning and banner raised for this line of southern Gung Fu.

collage_lb_image_page2_32_1I am blessed to receive guidance from Jesse Glover, who has been a huge influence over what I do since I met him in 2004. A practitioner of Non-Classical Gung Fu, Jesse has given me an understanding of the importance of core, simplistic and explosive skills. He has also helped fine tune my body mechanics.

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