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Our life is filled with complexity. As a result of sensory overload we sometimes lose sight of our true goals; those things that will help us move upwards and onwards. Complexity in itself can be a huge de-motivator especially if the easy option is to procrastinate and avoid tasks.

Similarly, physical health can deteriorate if we allow ourselves not to take charge of our fitness regimes. And reaching a state of fitness is not enough as ‘staying fit’ is just as important as ‘getting fit’!

Once we cut through the endless stream of health information, there appear to be two fundamental truths that getting fit involves;

1) doing something physical like exercise and

2) eating well.

These are the two keys to achieving optimum health.

The goal  should not be too result oriented, e.g. dropping down to 8% bodyfat, as any disappointments become amplified and set us up for long term failure. Instead the goal should be to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. This is not to suggest that results should not be enjoyed, but more rather, it should be understood that living a principled lifes will give rise NATURALLY to such results. They will just FLOW.

For those focused on martial arts, the principles remain the same. Eat well, and train consistently with good partners and using such tools as heavy bags, skipping ropes, etc. Keep training fun and provided training is consistent, you will move closer and closer to attaining fight skills. They will just FLOW.

Pac and the Hat

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There are two aspects to a technical drill  for fighting. The first and most obvious, is the PARTICULAR skill that we are trying to develop, such as the straight lead punch. The second, often overlooked, are the UNDERLYING movements which will help us develop as fighters, such as footwork and head movement. It is easy to become complacent and place too much emphasis on the first thing and allow the skills developed by the second thing to slip.

No matter what you are working on, always try to develop the SPECIFIC as well as the GENERAL skills.


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“When I was a kid… at night… I used to sleep in this big bed in my grandmothers’ home. And every night, at midnight, as the bells chimed at the church nearby, I used to see a thing come out from behind a big old armoire. Every night, without fail-it would poke out its black head and long arms and bony shoulders… and stare at me… It had a jagged mouth, with thin, black lips… and it would look at me, and just… smile.”

(from the Strain by Del Toro and Hogan)


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hello-kitty-tarot-death1The tarot cards have it. A literal interpretation of the card representing death would be erroneous. As a member of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, death is usually depicted as the Grim Reaper. The card actually represents the end of a situation, the coming of age of an event and a new beginning often associated with a psychological awakening.

The tarot cards have it.


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Once again we are resurrected. The move is complete and the training area prepared and cleansed.

On Wednesday a friend, my son and I paid our respects to Bruce Lee and his son, as well as to Ed Hart. The graveyard was peaceful and the weather warm. I then went straight to train with Jesse.

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