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Journey by Mary Oliver

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“One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting
their bad advice
…little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world…”


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There is slight soreness at the point where the bicep connects with the forearm. When I stand up tall and stretch out my chest, sinews along my back tighten, yelp and sigh. My neck cracked once, just now, when I turned my head to face right. It gets harder to straighten the fingers that only want to curl up into my palm. The left leg, at mid-thigh level is numb, in a constant state of dull ache. My eyelids fold over, revealing only the blackness of eyes straining to focus.  I sit here, aging, typing, reflecting.


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He spoke;

“Your beloved was created when the original 84 congregated at the table of sin and misfortune. Yes, 84 of them there were, reduced in number by your kind to the 72 of the Lemegeton.

Brothers of your beloved, they were.

My soul was cast eastward, my water replaced with charcoal ash from the first fire.

Blessings given unto me, all under the approving gaze of our Host and Lord.

It was thus that I was created and it was with your bidding that I return.”

If we manifest that which is the focus of our intention, then what parameters should we place on what we desire?


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Pragmatic Martial Arts

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Today, I finally met Adam Chan (showreel below).  We sipped coffee, trained, exchanged ideas and lost track of time. I am pleased to have made a new friend in Gung Fu;

I Against I

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Good luck to Sunny who competes in his Muay Thai bout Friday. This one is for you bro;

I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won’t survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
and his images reflect in mine the same time.

It’s Time

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It’s now time to move on.  And perhaps some people need a little pressure to grow…

So I told them, “You have until Christmas to get your SNT memorized and your Tan Da functional.  If you don’t have these things at a proficient level, you can’t come to class until you do.”

It just comes down to one thing for me and MY training: I WANT to take you to my level.  I want to take you past my level if I can…so you challenge me.  So…there’s the best of both worlds:

1. I don’t hold back anything I have in my toolbox.  You grow.

2. I get to grow too.



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For me, the three most important components to being a good student (in martial arts) are;

1) consistency in training

2) a willingness to go away and train in isolation

3) humility

I remind myself for one reason in particular; a desire to always remain a good student.

Sports Wars

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A new concept for people tired of MMA;

Inosanto Chi Sao

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I am innately skeptical of non-Wing Chun men, when they attempt to take elements from Wing Chun in isolation. However, this video of Inosanto teaching Chi Sao is actually pretty good;


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“If one wishes to find that which is the truth, one must be totally free from all religions, from all conditioning, from all dogmas, from all beliefs, from all authority, which makes one conform, which means essentially standing completely alone and that is very arduous; it is not a hobby for a Sunday morning when you go for a pleasant drive to sit under some trees and listen to some nonsense. To find out what is truth requires great patience, gentleness, hesitancy. The mere studying of books has no value, but if as you listen you can be completely attentive and then you can see this very attention frees you from effort so that without movement in any direction the mind is capable of receiving something which is extraodinarily beautiful and creative, something which is not to be measured by knowledge, by the past. It is only such a person that is religious and revolutionary because he is not part of society. As long as one is ambitious, envious, inquisitive, competitive, one is society. With that mentality, which is extraordinarily difficult to be free of, one seeks god, and that search has no meaning at all because it is merely another endeavour to become something, to gain something.

That it is why it is very important to understand ones relationship to society, to be aware of all beliefs, dogmas, tenants, superstitions that one has acquired, and to throw them off- not with effort, because then you will be caught in it, but just to see these things for what they are and let them go, like the autumnal leaf which withers and is blown away, leaving the tree naked. It is only such a mind that can receive something which brings measureless happiness to life.”

August 7th, 1955

Introspection vs. Awareness

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“Where there is introspection, which is the desire to modify or change the responses, the reactions of the self, there is always an end in view; when that end is not achieved, there is moodiness, depression. Therefore introspection invariably goes with depression.”

“Awareness is entirely different. Awareness is observation without condemnation.”

“The man who wants to improve himself can never be aware, because improvement implies condemnation and the achievement of a result.”




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Whilst I can’t do this stuff, I have the same car (clip courtesy of Sunny);

Check Out Glen Doyle

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He’s got some nice tutorials. I’m looking at these clips and it reminds me so much of Wing Chun. Elbow down, fencing-type footwork, triangular footwork to keep working to the ‘blind-side,’ power generation through a ‘classic’ Dempsey lead foot-lead hand movement, power generation through pivoting of the body… would really like to study this some day. I personally find looking at a stickfighting style such as this helps with my WC Sword development. Thanks to PF for the find. (CTK) Here’s a clip from some seminars:

Make it Fun(ctional)

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Empire State of Mind

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Dreams come true.  I did it.  What I wanted – I got it.

I rolled into the ‘big city’ at 7am with the rest of the rush hour and motored through downtown Halifax.  Pimped out in my Le Chateau gear.  Leather saddle bag at my side.  Rode the elevator to the third floor.  I got introduced to the rest of the college crew and signed off on some paperwork.

Got escorted to the class, got my e-mail address and learned how to take online attendance.

People filtered in and the first day began.  I killed it.  I was made for this.

Who am I?  Instructor.  …for acupuncture.  I was made for this.  I wanted this.  I dreamed of this…

This track was blazing as I crossed from the Darkside to Hali on the bridge.  I shed a tear.  (CTK)

Barefoot Ultra Runners

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When you gonna learn to ditch the runners?;

Forever Young

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Non-Classical Vs. Classical

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(Journal entry dated 18 May 2009)

I’m really beginning to understand the difference between the classical (Wing Chun) and non-classical (Gung Fu) approach to martial arts. The reference point in classical appear to be the forms. The non-classical approach however, suggests that the starting point should be an analysis and breakdown of the most fundamental components of a fight. It asks “what are the core components of a fight?” and, once established, the next step would be to construct a fighting method based around those findings.

Additionally, the classical approach necessitates an understanding of names and principles and adherence to that historic pattern of development of those names and patterns, for the sake of being consistent with the founders of the art. In Wing Chun, for example, it is an inescapable requirement that one become familiar with terms such as chi sao, tan, bong and concepts such as Lat Sao Jik Chung. In fact, battles of supremacy are often won during ‘forum-fu’ based on a persons skill at understanding the name, rather than understanding the technique!

The non-classical approach encourages a person to understand the shapes, feelings and patterns of the movement, into his or her own words so as to facilitate learning. A natural by-product of which, is the creation of each practitioners mini-system.

I now understand why I prefer the non-classical approach.

I Am 2

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Who’s the daddy!?! (I am).

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