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Take A Stand

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Sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in.  Sometimes it’s you versus the masses.

The masses are asses.


Diminishing Returns in Gung Fu

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In economics, Diminishing Returns, refers to how the marginal production of a factor starts to progressively decrease as the factor increases.

The principle applied to Gung Fu suggests that the more ‘steps’ used to deal with an assailants attack, the greater the probability of being hurt. For example, if i decide to block, clinch and then transition to the ground i have prolonged my interaction with the opponent. The prolonging of an interaction increases the probability of me being hurt, maimed or killed.

Wing Chun Gung-Fu teaches you to limit the interaction by using the simplest and most efficient means to deal with an opponent. A single, powerful punch that ends the fight is far better than waging a war of attrition.


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Get up. Walk downstairs, coffee hot. Walk downstairs. Dubstep playing. Gloves on, sweat. Gloves off, skip. Gloves on, hot. Train hard. Walk upstairs. Walk upstairs again. Shower, hot. Black suit, white shirt, black tie. Downstairs, coffee hot. Black car. Drive fast, engine hot. Work. Get home, upstairs. Get changed, shorts black. Downstairs. Downstairs again. Gloves on, punch kick. Get punched, get kicked. Heart pumping, hot. Wu Tang playing. Upstairs, upstairs again. Shower hot. Bed.

I Don’t Give Up

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“The one thing that I do have above everything else … I might lack in technicality. I might lack in strength, but there’s no quit in me… I don’t give up… I don’t know the meaning of tap.”

Doctrine of Violence

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Cold (met with scornful contempt)
Snide comments behind my back… insults about me, my profession, my family or my home… challenges to fight… being called a coward… insults against Bruce Lee (R.I.P.)… idolatry of traditional martial arts…

Warm (met with verbal warnings suggestive of impending action)
insults about my race, or remarks about my family with racial undertones… insults about my brothers’ disability (Downs Syndrome)… bullying of any kind… posturing through spoken or body language…

Hot (met with profane hostile language and persuasive action designed to control and subdue)
threats of violence towards me or my family… damage and/or theft of my property… bringing poison such as alcohol, drugs or cigarettes into my home…

Boiling Point (met with violent action indicative of an overt desire to cause pain)
hurting my family… attacking me… invading my dwelling place… any deviant action which a reasonable mind would have rationally contemplated me having an extreme violent reaction to…

10 More Days

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135lbs (62 kg) – 1 pull up. Done.

Windshield wipers. Done.

Fingertip dips. Done.

Horizontal hold from pull-up bar… almost. Give me 10 more days.

GSP, BJJ and Montreal

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Of course a bit of inspiration, too.  What else would you expect from me?

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