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Pass Out

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Can’t get this track out of my head (for good reason):


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Darkseid generally does not rely on physical combat, despite his great might and being a highly trained Apokoliptian warrior; he is a master schemer and strategist possessing a superhuman intellect.

In addition, Darkseid possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability equivalent to the corresponding traits of Superman. He also, despite his great size, possesses great speed, agility, and reflexes as he has been able to startle Superman with his speedand it has been stated he can react in microseconds. He sometimes possesses the ability to increase hi s size.

Darkseid possesses the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, and has also shown the ability to create psionic avatars.  Darkseid is also, being a god, virtually immortal. He has lived for several hundred thousand years at the very least.

Darkseid’s goal was to eliminate all free will from the universe and reshape it into his own image. To this end, he sought to unravel the mysterious Anti-Life Equation, which gives its user complete control over the thoughts and emotions of all living beings in the universe. Darkseid had tried on several other occasions to achieve dominance of the universe through other methods. He had a special interest in Earth, as he believed humans possess collectively within their minds most, if not all, fragments of the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid intended to probe the minds of every human in order to piece together the Equation.

(from Wikipedia)

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Broken, Bruised

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They broke me.

Now before you go off and say that it’s because I’ve never been pushed hard enough in the past – let me tell you something.  I’m a machine.   I’m 30 years old and I have more in the tank than these 18-year-old punks at the gym.  They try to run past me sprinting on the straight-aways, but I push back and leave ’em in the dust.

And before you say that I’m bragging and boasting, I’m actually quite humble when it comes to my training.  I’m always pushing myself harder and harder.  I’d never met the wall – until yesterday at the gym.

My cardio/conditioning coach had us start off with the usual sprints, plyometric stair jumps, push-ups, burpees and medicine ball throws.  I opted to stay and work on more cardio while the others went to piddle away at the heavy bags.  More sprints, more medicine ball throws.  Then he told me 25 high jumping knees.  I said no.  I sat my sorry ass down and hung my dizzy head over the trash can.  …and I sat…for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only 5 minutes.  Craig told me I was done…don’t worry about it.  But I was worrying about it.  I stood up, banged out the 25 high knees and went to hit the heavy bag.

It took me another 10 minutes of light bag work to get back to my usual self.  Then Craig and I did some light sparring for 30 minutes thereafter.

No bruising from the sparring, though.  My ego is slightly, however.

Lo Lieh

Ode to Our Oceans

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As black oil continues to spew into our oceans, Mother Nature weeps.

Fighting the Devil by Killing the Angel

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“One thing being raped did to me:  It caused me to be sometimes rude to strangers. Not out of anger, though, but out of fear.”

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