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Alan Moore, Magus (1)

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I walk past this stuff on the way to work all the time.  People bent over on a bench, coughing up a lung, taking puffs of smoke in between hacks.  Grossly obese.  How did they get to this point?  I always wonder that.  At what point did they give up and NOT take into account that they had a choice – that they still HAVE a choice.

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts – it’s all just a vehicle for me.  I could be digging ditches, signing legal documents or walking dogs.  The THING is not about the activity – but the energy I bring to it.  I see about 40 patients per week.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  But out of those 40, I only connect on a certain level with maybe five.  Those five patients really want change in their lives.  They want to get better.  Sadly (and realistically) the others are helping me pay my bills.

But nonetheless, I still try to inspire them all.  The patients and martial art practitioners I come across all have potential.  Watching their behaviour is key.  I try and find out at what ‘level’ they are operating at in their lives and I operate about one level above.  You can’t push people too hard or they’ll push back (or leave).

Some days I have bad days.  But most days are good.  And I try to share that good…that potential with others.  And I hope, through my efforts, I continue to leave traces of inspiration for others to pick up and hold onto…in hopes that they do the same.


Back Underground

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No matter how many ways I spin it in my mind, I just can’t figure it out.  I can’t make the numbers work.  People are complacent…I know this…I worry about this.  …and yet I still dream…  For what reason?

Are there enough people that care?  I mean…really care.  About themselves?  About the martial arts?  Would they learn to love the martial arts like I do?

It’s in my blood.  I can feel it down to my bones.  I’ll never give it up.  That feeling of self-expression, music bumping, heavy bag swinging, sweat dripping from my brow into my eye.

One in 6.8 billion.

I Come Prepared

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Found out last night that my training partner was not going to be around today.

No worries.  Got a friend from Calgary checking out a possible employ out here.  Gonna meet up with him.

Find out he’s got a Realtor picking him up and taking him to look at some houses.

No worries.  I brought my gym stuffs and away I went to the boxing gym.

I come prepared.

A Hope In Hell

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CHORONZON: I am a dire world, prey-stalking, lethal prowler.

MORPHEUS: I am a hunter, horse-mounted, wolf-stabbing.

CHORONZON: I am a horsefly, horse-stinging, hunter-throwing.

MORPHEUS: I am a spider, fly-consuming, eight legged.

CHORONZON: I am a snake, spider-devouring, posion-toothed.

MORPHEUS: I am an ox, snake-crushing, heavy footed.

CHORONZON: I am an anthrax, butcher, bacterium, warm-life destroying.

MORPHEUS: I am a world, space-floating, life nurturing.

CHORONZON: I am a nova, all-exploding… planet-cremating.

MORPHEUS: I am the Universe — all things encompassing, all life embracing.

CHORONZON: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgement. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

MORPHEUS: I am hope.

Excuse Me Miss… Gung Fu

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I was foolish and naive to allow people who constantly made excuses to filter into my life. Luckily, Gung Fu taught me that there can be no excuse. We either “do” or “do not”. The ones making excuses were the ones desperately attempting to shift the burden of their inability to “do not” onto another thing, place, person or object. In the world of practising Gung Fu the only two colours therefore are black and white. Shades of grey do not exist, the same way that a person who makes excuses cannot be said to reach any level of competence in an activity. So, I encourage those who are; too busy, too fat, too sick, (and so on ad infinitum) to watch this;

Six Six Six

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