Dark Matter

I’m looking out from the Starbucks window, watching ripples in the Universe. 90% of the universe is said to comprise of matter that cannot be described using any principles of Physics. As a result, the scientific community has taken to labelling this ‘stuff’; Dark Matter.

There are doors within doors, within doors.

Having undergone a paradigm shift last year that Kuhn himself would be proud of, I no longer need to see the world fitting a particular pattern. On the contrary I want my world to be dynamic, fluid, changing. And I no longer feel isolated, instead I am blended, merged and fused into the fabric of the world. Bruce Lee wanted the quintessential martial artist to have the same qualities of fluidity possessed by water.

Aldous Huxley says in his book the Doors of Perception that when you learn a language you are an inheritor of the collective wisdom of the people who have gone before you. But, you are also a VICTIM in this sense; of that infinite set of experiences that you could have had, certain ones are given names, labelled with words and are thereby emphasised and attract your attention. Equally valid, possibly EVEN MORE DRAMATIC and USEFUL experiences at the sensory level which are unlabelled typically don’t intrude into your consciousness. You therefore become a victim of following a particular path and thereby excluding other paths.

Thoughts on topics such as this are the reason why I departed from being bound and gagged by any particular martial system. These thoughts may also have precipitated my desire to believe in Magic.

So, as I sit here in Starbucks, looking out of the window I am not seeing through the eyes of science. Instead, I am limitless, timeless and can see ripples in the Universe.


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