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Moore on Hell

Posted in Death and the Macabre on January 31, 2011 by His Dark Side

“Swamp Thing, in Hell: “Demon…How…could God…allow such a place?

Etrigan: Think you God built this place, wishing man ill and not lusts uncontrolled or swords unsheathed?

Not God, my friend.

The truth’s more hideous still: These halls were carved by men while yet they breathed.

God is no parent or policeman grim dispensing treats or punishments to all.

Each soul climbs or descends by its own whim. He mourns, but He cannot prevent their fall.

We suffer as we choose. Nothing’s amiss. All torments are deserved…”

Alan Moore


Iron Finger

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Minimum Effective Dose

Posted in Strategy and Psychology on January 29, 2011 by His Dark Side

Why the extra effort for incremental gains? This morning, I’m staring drunkily into a fizzy cup of Alka-Seltzer with a view to washing the sins of last night away. How much should I take? I tend to overdo things at the best of times. Aristotle may have proclaimed ‘moderation’ from the highest temple of the Acropolis but I guess he hadn’t looked at the addictive qualities of crack-cocaine.

This all has me pondering.  What is the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) required, that will give me the most significant gains? In other words, what is the least that I need to do, to e.g. reach a reasonable level of fitness? What is the least I need to do to keep my bodyfat low whilst developing lean muscle? What is the least I need to do, in order to develop a punch with KO power?

And, why draw the line at martial arts? What is the least I need to do to live an affluent life of luxury?

Clearly the logic that drives my thought process is an admission that I am lazy, preferring to relax and giggle at life’s torment rather than jump up and do some hard work. We are all lazy. Also, the idea is one of efficiency. If for instance,  I can maintain good street fighting skills by investing 20 mins a day into a workout, why risk more for (incremental) gains.

I’m still staring at my glass of Alka-Seltzer as it violently fizzes. Its taking awhile. I guess habits are hard to break and I have a tendency to overdo things. Perhaps 10 pills were too much.


Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

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Reppin Alberta, baby!



Opera Wing Chun (1995 Advert)

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Rival Clan Kung Fu

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I watch these guys train and something odd happens. I find myself taken back in time to early 90’s when I first walked into Tony Leung’s Steelwire Mantis Club in Angel, Islington. I recall the studded doors, the Kung Fu films, the huge open hallway with a giant Buddha statue and the row of wooden men. I met my Hei Ban Wing Chun sifu there. Despite sharing the same space, the Mantis guys and us Wing Chun guys never really got on. In addition, the ‘Temple’ school location was home to a few challenge fights from rival Gung Fu clans. I took my shots, walked away bruised and battered many times. But, like most things in life which require hard work, I improved. Albeit after a number of years.

I love martial arts. But Gung Fu has a special place in my heart.

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