Our ‘Dark’ Gung Fu; Defined

Our search for self knowledge can be conducted in a variety of ways from Yoga to Religion, from Tea-Making to Dervish Whirling. What unifies us here at Dark Gung Fu is a common interest in training to fight.

Martial arts are our prescribed path for self knowledge. We try to maintain a clearly definable path, so that we can plot our route and move towards our objective. It is only by setting out such a route that we can track improvements during the course of our journey. This mapping out also allows us to find our way back on track, should we become lost.

The aims of a martial artist can be fitness, competition or street fighting.

Gung Fu, for us is no longer about systems. Perhaps that is why we choose to use the vague and generic term “Gung Fu” to embody the martial arts that we practise from sources such as Wing Chun, Jesse Glovers’ Non-classical Gung Fu and boxing. We have come to recognise that value can be derived from whatever system an adherent chooses to study.

The system therefore means little in the overall scheme of things.

A chief motivation for us is the idea that we should avoid the associative pre-conceived conditioning that arises out of learning a particular method, i.e. we DO the fighting arts, but are NOT defined by the system.

We are individuals.

As a result we advocate a highly individualized approach to training.


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