Gung Fu and Magick; the Great Work

My Gung Fu is a syncretic blend of traditional Wing Chun, laced with an Occult belief system.

Bruce Lee detached his Jeet Kune Do method from the dogmatic beliefs of the Wing Chun system he originally studied. Instead, his focus became self knowledge,  a way to self-express through his personalized system of martial arts.

Maslow chose to describe the process as self actualization, in his ‘Hierarchy’.  The process leading to this type of actualization requires action  but is, once again, self-exploratory in nature. It can be thought of as the process by which a person attempts to realize their own inherent potential, and therefore relies on individual experience.

Whilst a martial system can be engineered to facilitate the journey (once competence is attained), the focus should shift from conscious repetition to allowing oneself to operate in a manner that is free, intuitive and natural. Allow the ‘you-ness’ to penetrate into the method.

Similarly the magus; Aleister Crowley “the Beast 666” followed a path to knowledge referred to as the ‘Great Work’ with obsessive fervour.  The idea was to develop a state of utter detachment from anything that would stand in your way or interfere with your goal of achieving illumination through your chosen path.

The path you choose is yours alone. Your Gung Fu, is yours alone. You define it. Do what thou wilt with it. Express yourself. Make it unique and individual.


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