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Why Is Exercise Important In Obesity?

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by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology:

  • Because it improves skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity
  • Because it reduces stress and resultant cortisol release
  • Because it makes the TCA cycle run faster, detoxifies, improving hepatic insulin sensitivity

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We are a collective of like-minded people. The Gung Fu (Martial Arts) that we advocate are strictly speaking, a set of approaches to fighting that strip away dogma and get right down to the bare bones of engaging with an enemy itself. Success can be established through observable results. It is also a requirement that these results are replicable by other people. The problem is that with any practice involving human individuals, there are variations and an individual’s personal system of beliefs or sense of ‘what is possible’ can affect the results. The successful Gung Fu man is one who can successfully see the world from within more than one belief system or paradigm. He is not stuck in a singular mode of thought. In fact, what is encouraged is thinking which is outside of mainstream Gung Fu practice.

Off Days and Lonely Souls

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Couldn’t be bothered with the gym today.

I’ve trained hard for years and its only over the last couple of months that I’ve begun to realize that forcing my workouts is detrimental to health as well as performance. Using my current mindset, my workout would have been mediocre at best, fostering an attitude which would reinforce mediocrity. It’s far better therefore to do strength training when I’m feeling fresh, fully recovered and enthused. My gains will be better and psychologically I will approach the workout with a greater degree of singular aggressive focus.

I tell myself that ‘Its okay to have off days’. I acknowledge my fatigue but do not empower it. Whether I workout out tomorrow, or sometime over the weekend I will ensure that my body is pushed hard.

On another note, I also acknowledge CTK’s earlier post on this blog which mentioned how lonely an activity it is to train. We individuals go into our respective gyms, garages or parks, plug in to our music and switch off the rest of the world. We are ascetics and our training is our moving meditation. We train hitting punch bags, pads, sprinting, lifting weights, jumping. The rewards are momentary bouts of feelings of strength and intermittent spells of good health, as well as the odd word of encouragement from other people. The price we pay however is significant; aches, pains and time sacrificed. Additionally, being a teacher of Martial Arts, whilst a colorful notion, lacks financial stability and finding good students is inconceivably difficult. Despite this I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll continue walking this lonely path.

My mantra for today is;

“Punch a little harder, run a little faster, have a little fun, do a little work, bring a little joy…”


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I have few extracurricular loves: kung-fu, skateboarding and street dance/breakdancing.  Not saying I’m good at any of them, mind you.  But there’s something about them all.  Something ethereal.  Artistic.  Timeless…

Peace, CTK

Coming In May 2011 – Sam Masich Guest Article

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Stay tuned to your favourite blog for a wonderful guest article on Tai Ji from Sam Masich:

Sam Masich is one of the most accomplished mid-generation practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts in the world today. Having trained and taught for a quarter century, Masich has studied with several of the great masters of his era from both North America and China including Liang Shouyu, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Jou Tsung Hwa, Yang Zhenduo and Chen Xiaowang. He has taught around the world and is the subject of two internationally airing documentaries. Sam has made some 20 films on Tai Chi and Neijia related subjects.

Peace, CTK


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We prefer you carry your own insurance. You must agree to take full responsibility for yourself. If this resonates with you, great. You have chosen the best space to match your consciousness.

I. the undersigned, empower myself, and release the Jackson Wellsprings Health Research Institute and The Goddess Temple of Ashland, its owners, and its helpers by declaring and accepting the following tenets to be my truth.

“I am free to create my life and absolve all others from that responsibility.”

“I am solely responsible for every thought, word, and action I choose to take.”

“I trust and accept each moment I am creating will bring to me exactly what is needed for my growth, including intended and unintended consequences.”

“I affirm that any guidance and instruction I seek from another is only their truth. It is solely up to me to discern what is my truth and choose to act.”

“I release the past, present and future judgment that the guidance and instruction I seek conforms or is bound to any legal construct or thought form of the planet.”

“I affirm that the creation of empowerment is a sacred right and responsibility of each individual for themselves. I will allow all others to create their lives in their own way and divine right timing.”

By singing my name below, I affirm that I clearly have read, understood, and commit to the above statements. And so it is.


Waiver at the front door of the Goddess Temple in Ashland, Oregon.

Peace, CTK

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