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This deserved a repost here;

Da Mystery of Chessboxing

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Peace, CTK


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My Ted Baker, black shoes slip off and are parked by my front door. I make my way upstairs to my bedroom. The Mont Blanc pen is pushed back into its sheath. I undrape my Louis Vuitton work bag off my shoulder, and throw it onto my bed. Temperature rising. It’s been a long hard day. Left hand reaches up, wrapping around the knot of  my Dior tie. The knot comes undone and I proceed to undress. The Armani jacket, slips off. I slink out of my trousers.

The Zara, slim fit, clean, lean, white shirt, unbuttoned and open, peels off my skin. Tag Heuer watch uncuffed, brushes hastily against my left wrist. Then my black Gucci ring, sliding down my finger.

I’m impatient. My heart starts to beat faster in anticipation of whats to come. I reach for my Sprawl shorts, which slide on with ease. I throw a black nylon Y3 jacket onto my back, signalling the time to sweat. Hand reaches for my Louis Vuitton gym bag. Deep within the walls of the bag, I’ll find my skip rope, my sparring gloves and my weight belt.  I go downstairs. Roughly pulling on my Nike Free 3.0 sprint shoes. The climax of a work day signals the coming of a hard training session.

I’m ready.

The Anti-Diet

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I wrote this piece for the local Eastern Gazette as I usually do a 300-word monthly column.  I decided to share it with all of you here as well:

I hate diets.  I hate the idea of them.  And plus, they don’t work.  It’s almost like a ‘Liver Detox’ or something along those lines – they don’t make sense to me either when used as a band-aid patch for health.  What I do get is the part where a person cuts something bad out of their diet, but what I don’t get is how they put it back when they are feeling better.

So there has to be a better solution, no?  I don’t think it has to do with the food, though.  As with most things – success begins and ends in the minds and hearts of the people.

So let me walk you down a thought-process.  Simply, I’m anti-diet but I’m pro-lifestyle.  I make it a point in my life to work on my lifestyle, not my diet.  A diet is temporary – like a fad, coming and going like the tide.  But a lifestyle – that is who I am, right to the very core of my being.  My lifestyle DEFINES me.  My lifestyle isn’t just food, but also what I wear, what I drive and who my influences are.  My lifestyle also doesn’t change too quickly – which is perfect.

Change is good.  Changing too much too quickly can lead to disaster.  It would be like going into shock.  So if one were to start to change their lifestyle, it would be best to start off slow.  The one-to-two changes here and there will be easier to take and it will be harder to slip backwards after traveling down the road to health.

So mediate on that.  Don’t think in terms of diet, or what you CAN’T have.  Visualize what you want your lifestyle to look like, and be joyous in all the foods you CAN have.

Yours in health,

CTK, R.Ac, Dip.Ac, Dip.TCM

Coroner’s Tales; Extract

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The living me sighed and felt afraid. His collar tightened with a noose of emotion. A shiver ran up his skin and crawled, writhing in his veins. He felt a stabbing pain in his chest. A cacophony of silence came crashing within the walls of his ears; blood filled empty sound. He strained himself to appear calm.

‘We will all die… even you and I’, the thought striking him in a palpable way. Albert Camus was correct, we are all on a futile search for meaning, unity and clarity in the face of an unintelligible world devoid of eternal truth and value. No one cares. We all live a meaningless life full of strife and pain. We die and fade into oblivion.


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Spit heat rocks on the track, CTK

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