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Going To The Gym

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My body is vibrating. I am not angry, nor vexed. I am seething. Fingers trembling, heart jolting, blood pumping. Eyes water and fingers tingle. Overdrive. I hear a hollow sound in my eyes, like a deep breath on a cold winters day. Today is about disharmony, destruction of nature and the obliteration of all things elegant. Foot stomping, Hell raising turmoil. I create my state. I shift my body position, my facial expression and my pattern of thoughts. This meta-state that I enter into is required at this second. I’m going to the  gym.

Strangely Indifferent – Gung Fu

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Strangely indifferent. When Mister. P., came over for some training yesterday, he mentioned that a Wing Chun Gung-Fu class had opened up close to where I was. It took me only a short while to establish where this school was. They charge $200 per month for classes consisting of upto 10 students. I teach for FREE and PRIVATELY, which means people get good, quickly, but it also means I can be choosy about who I teach.

Strangely indifferent. Sach told me how he had murked someone who had been training in Wing Chun for a couple of years. Sach is my cousin and should be described as an intermittent training partner at the most, considering 6000 miles seperate us. We train for the odd week that we spend together every couple of years.

Strangely indifferent. Dax has moved on. He had talent in Wing Chun when he trained with me in UK. But, his interest has shifted onto other things. Understandable. Life gets in the way.

I have 4 students at the time of writing this. They all work in the fields of policing, corrections or security. They all make me proud because they are good people.

I am eager to train today.

Training Today

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Let’s see where this goes…

Worked finished at 6pm. Alexander McQueen tie, untied. Black suit off, Hayabusa shorts on. Rotations with Mister. P. working forward pressure. Straight punching on pad. Counters against grab and pull using elbow and palm. Drop step kick. Kick and punch. Big punch with lead leg. Psychology of submission Vs. domination in street encounters. Flanking and the role of rehearsal when attacking opponents using group formation. Use of fence as sleight of hand.

Drank glass of Ribena.

Then off to gym. Pulls ups; single rep max with 135 lbs. *note to self, must increase weight. Skipping and 3 medium paced sprints to cool down. Protein shake downed.

Where’s my pillow? Rest. Sleep. Work tomorrow. More training to be done.

Don’t Trap – Hit Him

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Pull the Plug

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Feels like lights out,
This time, right now,
This time, might how,
Can I? No how,

I’ve got dreams still,
My heart beams still,
How I feel, still,
Is I’m gonna miss,

More than four years,
More than four tears,
Homesick for years,
Now I’m gonna miss,

We’ve got a big gift,
Coming our way, lift,
Taking care of kids,
Still I’m gonna miss,

So I ask the source,
What is my next course?
My girl with a new horse?
Still I’m gonna miss,

When it’s just a dream,
It’s easy as ice cream,
When the decision is done,
Now I’m gonna miss.

Peace, CTK

Art of Deception

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I first discovered the use of deception in street confrontations after reading one of Geoff Thompson’s books. (*This is a lie, I first discovered the use of deception aged 15, when I was mugged in the street by three thugs). Thompson wrote about how a mugger would try to deceive and distract you by, for example, asking questions such as “got the time mate” or “can you lend ‘us a pound?” as a means to;

a) read the body language of a would be victim, and;
b) distract the focus of the victim to allow the mugging to proceed, suddenly and violently.

What struck me was the notion that an attacker is rarely carrying out an attack without ‘priors’. In fact, the guys that are lurking on the streets, behind lamposts tend to be ones who have mugged, hurt and raped their way through numerous encounters. Not only are they products of their environment, but they are also masters at reading body language, deceiving victims and appearing nondescript.

To understand the topic better, I spent a considerable amount of time researching the art of deception, which included pouring over books on street magic.

It was however, watching Jesse Glover teach his Non-Classical Gung Fu that allowed me to put the various pieces of the puzzle of together. Jesse is masterful at being able to appear non-threatening immediately preceeding one of his full out attacks. His ability to appear calm and restrained is superb. And, his ability to move from a casual position to an attack, whilst minimising any telegraph is astounding.

Attackers are master magicians at employing diversionary tactics to deceive a victim. Perhaps we as fighters, Gung Fu men, and martial artists should do more at countering such tactics and employing our own stratagem for deceiving these would-be attackers.  This is just another aspect of ‘my game’ that I am continuing to improve daily.

Stay Awake

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“You would rather have a Lexus,

Or justice?

A dream,

Or some substance?

A Beamer, a necklace,

Or freedom?

Still a nigga like me don’t playa’ hate,

I just stay awake.”

Dead Prez

Lucifer and Friends

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Brudda, phew. What a rough couple a’ days. Mind racing and plummeting. Caught in maelstrom and typhoon. Emotions crashing between frustration and anger.

Me and my up middle finger cast blame on the peeps around me.  Just need time to sit, clear mind and cleanse. Shake all doubts. Cast paranoia aside and realize that I have all the tools at my fingertips to handle even the greatest tragedies, struggle and strife.

Man dem not gon’ bring me down na’more.

And those people who seem to be causing the greatest stress are all insufferable fools; meaningless in the greater scheme of things.

Just need to sit and think. Just need some silence.

After all; “I know what I need and I will get it in silence.”


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Elementary school was good.  I got along and I fit in.  It all changed in grade 7.

Grade 7 brought puberty, braces and large glasses.  It also brought name calling and gum in the hair.

I worked hard for those three years.  Basically…I modeled.  I watched the cool kids and how they dressed, behaved and interacted.

By high school, things were on the up and up.  With the help of baggy pants, a skateboard and contact lenses I pushed hard to become an extrovert.  By the end of grade 12, I knew and was friends with almost everyone across the board of three years.  Heck, one time I confused a grade 10 friend as I thought he was in my own grade.  I used my newfound skills to make friends easily and it continued to serve a purpose for quite some time.

My wife now tells me I’m not very sociable at parties.  But what do I have in common with these beer-swigging folks who want to talk about all things ‘male?’  I have no interest.  So I park myself close to the kids.  I play with my own and help the others interact.  I watch their social nature and learn from them in how they talk and how they move: how they run flat footed, bend their knees to pick things up and how they try to manage their little tempers.

Or I sit next to my wife or I sit by myself.  I’ve become an introvert.  I don’t need the attention that being an extrovert brought.  I don’t need these arbitrary people in my life.  I don’t need small talk.

I know what I need and I will get it in silence.

Peace, CTK

Fade to Black

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Cup, porcelain white. Contents black like night, black like pitch. Hot.

Overcome. Sip sip, coffee. Heart racing. Saddened by news of Winehouse. Seen it before, first hand. Death arrives, unwelcome guest. Seen overdoses, suicides, drugs and guns, pills and rope. Seen children, adults, the elderly. Makes me want to live, (joy)fully.

Yes -terday; Gym morning. Gym evening. Heavy bag recoiling after dark. Punch, punch, gloves. Iron palm, knuckles stinging. Soaked in liniment.

Coffee, done. Skip skip, off to gym. Ready, ready, now.

Fade to Black.


Motivate Me

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“Energy is an eternal delight, and he who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence.” William Blake

I would collect dust like an old, unused, century old book, if I waited for inspiration to come before I wrote. Similarly, I would become a misshapen sedentary creature if I were to wait until I had abundant levels of motivation prior to exercising. Sometimes, you have to force your body to do things, even when ‘it’ appears reluctant. 

Yesterday, I missed out my evening workout despite having planned a session of bag work as well as some iron palm training. It angered me that time flew at such a rate, that it was dark before I knew it. The only action I could manage was crawling into my bed.

What does today hold? No idea. The aim is to train, hard.

Inspiration anyone? Can you motivate me?

How Bruce Lee Died

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Today marks the 38th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death.

When Bruce died and for many years after, people wanted to know how he died.  Papers, articles and movies were made that speculated he died because of an analgesic causing water on the brain while some the possibility that he was taken down by demons.

But while these popular forms of media concentrated on the loss of one of the greatest martial artists in the world, martial artists around the world did what they do best.  Still, to this day, anyone who partakes in the martial arts world, no matter their chosen style, takes something from Bruce Lee.

From where do they take this inspiration?  From the seemingly mysterious media-created whirlwind surrounding his death?  No.  From his life.

His workout routines.  His diet plans.  His physique.  His speed.  His attitude.

Or perhaps his continual search of what it meant to be a human being.

Whatever it is, on this day that Bruce Lee died, I, along with many other martial artists across the globe, celebrate his life and what it means to BE.

Peace, CTK

Bullet Ridden Rain

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Words exist because of meaning.  Once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words.  Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?  ~Chuang Tzu 

I’m dressed for a funeral; black suit, white shirt, black tie (Alexander McQueen of course). Kinda’ ironic for someone preoccupied with thoughts of his own mortality. Perhaps working as a coroner has made me a more compassionate human being. Perhaps not. Or indeed, maybe I’ve become a colder person, unconcerned by the trifles and follies of the world. After all, I’ve always had problems with conformity, perhaps the reason why I still hold a degree of contempt for Karate men marching up and down hallways dressed in white pajamas.

No, Gung Fu is my style. A way of expressing the human body in such a way that beauty is resurrected from violence, the way a Phoenix rises from its own ashes.

Someone has scraped the dull grey coating of a pistol to create an overcast day. Dark clouds lace the skies. Not quite ominous, but certainly underlying their puffy exterior, the clouds create an imposing presence. Maybe I’ll get caught out by bullet ridden rain later this afternoon. Or maybe I’ll stay dry. Either way, today, at some stage, I hope beauty and violence will collide.


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Perhaps Albert Camus was right, this life is meaningless; life is absurd.

I sat at the side of the running track this evening, sometime after 7pm. I felt distanced from the people who meandered around the gym machinery and the figures that stalked around the track. My left calf muscle tingled and I empowered the aching just enough to allow the pain to become a motivation killer.

Loathe though I am to measure my workouts based on time spent, but I had been at the gym just under an hour. The weighted pull ups, Tabata protocal based conditioning drills and sprints were enough. I’m getting older and I am trying to keep my body intact.

I’m at home and looking out of the window. Sometimes the sunshine illuminates the valley in such a way that the vibrations of heat ripple and appear to me like rain. I feel wistful, but unsure why. The trees in the distance appear blissfully unaware of the way that we, the human population are destroying this beautiful planet on which we were granted a short term lease, which we misinterpreted as unfettered ownership.

My leg still hurts. My pride is intact. My mind is focused on tomorrow’s workout already. I’m travelling without moving.

An Angel Will Die

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It’s too cold outside
For angels to fly
An angel will die
Covered in white
Closed eye
And hoping for a better life
This time, we’ll fade out tonight

In Dark Side We Trust

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The First Step Is The Hardest

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I left work and drove across the bridge, my palms and feet sweaty.  Across the harbour, Darkside in my review mirror, I turned left onto Gottingen.  Heart palpitations beating furiously in my chest, I made my way through the north end – where the area had been decimated due the explosion of 1917 and had never really recovered.

Past the drunks and drug addicts, dizzy now, past the new buildings attempting to push these said individuals out and into the parking lot.

Entering the building, I don’t see anyone I know right away.  There’s a new guy at the desk who scans in my membership card.  I need to use the washroom.

Under Armour shirt: check.  Lululemon Kung-Fu pant: check.  Nike Pegasus: check.  I step out into the gym and eye the place.  Fear.  Ridicule?

My trainer gives me a pound.  My January matchup asks me if I’m back for good.  Pro fighter Steve Cannell takes the time to remind me that, although I’m one year his senior, I’m too old to take this so seriously.

If you asked me if getting back in the ring was the hardest part I’d have to say no: actually getting back to the gym was.

Fears quashed – the only sweat on me now is from a few rounds of shadowboxing.

Peace, CTK

Three Sheets to the Wind

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Living In The Moment

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We are only ever alive in one moment and that moment is NOW.  We do not reside in the past nor can we dwell in the future – these places do not exist for they are just thoughts in our heads which distract us from the present moment and rob us of life. 

Most of us are in LOVE with memories, ideas, and feelings of the way things used to be!  How many of us are in LOVE with what ‘IS’?  It’s hard sometimes to LOVE and live with what ‘IS’ because what ‘IS’ is sometimes normal, boring and routine which has us hankering after the good old days or looking forward to good times!

Thinking has become the most common dis-ease within our species!  We spend so much time away from the NOW that we forget to live, to love, to connect to what is right in front of us, however mundane or routine our existence may seem.  Our busy lives and schizophrenic mind activity have eradicated our ability to notice beauty and wonder, the father kissing his child goodbye at the school gates, the bird that just flew from the swaying tree, the sun peering behind the gentle white clouds, the innocence of the soul in the eyes of the person sitting across from you, the random kiss between young lovers, the hands of a child holding its mothers, the wind that touches your face as you turn the corner, the sounds of laughter, a hug, a smile.

I cycle each morning through a beautiful graveyard slowing down to glance at the headstones that lay before me.  I say aloud the names of my brothers and sisters that have past on and I say “Hello” to them.  I say we have not forgotten you because in remembering ‘you’ that have died I remember ‘me’ that must live. 

In this moment I am born again where the past and future can no longer rob me of life, I am alive experiencing what it really means to be alive rather than thinking about what life was like or what it could be.  This moment is all I ever have, to LIVE, to be FREE to say thank you for all that I have and all who I am because, like those whose headstones I see each morning, I may not get another chance. 


12th July 2011

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