Dark Reflections

There is no heaven
There is no hell
There is only this world and it’s Dark reflection
And we do not know in which of the two worlds we are.

It was a disappointing week, but in many ways it shouldn’t have been. I returned to teaching a formal Gung Fu class (thank you Ms. BE, Ms. BK and Ms. SD for showing up). Judging by the feedback it went really well. I guess I spent the last few years concentrating on myself and a few private students. I’ll run with it until the end of September and see how things play out.

Mr. P seems to be making good progress as he nears his fight. I gave him some drills to mimic the effects of adrenal dump as well as the nausea associated with being hit. Of course the idea was to make him feel vulnerable and then have him fight back hard during our sparring exchange.

This week has made me feel like I am competent at what I do. Not that I require reassurance considering how hard I work at keeping my skills honed. I treat my private training times as sacred, moments at which I become one with a divine spirit and imbued with a greater energy. At times like those, I care little about what happens in the World around me.

This week also had me being belittled by a complete stranger behind my back who chose to describe my sprint form as ‘terrible.’ Ironically, I am pretty fast. Perhaps my sprint style resembles my Gung Fu; function over form, where effectiveness is more important than appearance.

In Heaven everything is fine
You’ve got your good thing
And I’ve got mine 

One Response to “Dark Reflections”

  1. Helios – In Heaven shem dubstep remix
    Perfect track

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