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Doing My Damn Thing

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Just Flow

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“Flow represents a peak experience that most athletes rarely experience and some never quite experience. A flow experience will enrich your life and make you want to persist at your chosen discipline with even greater intensity. To reach this seemingly elusive state of being, you must switch off from all peripheral distractions and focus solely upon mastery and enjoyment of the task at hand. In particular, what anybody else might be thinking or saying about you is completely irrelevant to your performance. More important still is that being successful is about being completely happy with your performance even if somebody else does better. Flow equates with happiness.”

The Devil Is In The Detail

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When I shake the table, it causes the coffee in my cup to my come alive, rippling. I lift the cup. Warm in my hand. Take a sip. Will it burn the tip of my tongue?

Obsessed with the detail.

I’ve watched the Devil appear during pauses in conversation. Distant, I see him crouched amongst trees as I walk through dense woodland. Right now he is living in this blog post. Look closely and find him swathed in letters which rise and fall like the heaving breast of an asthmatic. He even came to me a few evenings ago bursting unannounced into my dream, his face pressed against mine.

The Devil is in the detail and I am obsessed with details.  When I go out, I check and re-check my attire; the position of my belt, the double-windsor of my tie. Occasionally my mind takes a third party perspective, analyzing the way in which I interact with people. Smile, firm and steady. The slightest glint of teeth only. Expressive eyes. Enthused. Alacritous.

I notice his presence the most when the details that cause him to stir concern my fighting; the angle of my fist, the rotation of my hip, the position of my chin. He watches me train, sitting comfortably in the corner and causing a state of disquiet in my soul which I use to summon liberal doses of fear etched fury.

The Devil is in the detail.

Gathering by Rumi

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This is a gathering of Lovers.

In this gathering 

there is no high, no low,

no smart, no ignorant,

no special assembly, 

no grand discourse, 

no proper schooling required.

There is no master,

no disciple.

This gathering is more like a drunken party,

full of tricksters, fools, 

mad men and mad women.

This is a gathering of Lovers.

by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī

Old School Boxing Training with Antonio Graceffo

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Numbers in Action

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Wake. Body weighs 160lbs. Shorts on. Coffee, black. Tip head back. Drink. Gym. Talk to Katrina. Talk to Siobhan. Skip with Katrina. Meet Jaimie. Warmed up. Deep squat 90lbs, 5 reps. Rest. Deep squat, 110lbs. Rest. Meander to squat rack. Half squat 270lbs, 5 reps.  Skip. Half squat 370lbs, 3 reps. Rest. ATP rises. Pulls ups; added 125lbs, 3 reps. Skip. Pulls ups; added  135lbs, 2 reps. Meander. Recover. Wait as ATP rises. Sprints. 40 meters, 6 times, 10 second rest in between. Tired. Sweat. Bye Katrina. Home. Shower. Change. Suit. Tie.

Get Angry (Redux)

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“Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about change.”

Malcolm XMalcolm X Speaks, 1965

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