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Keep Me Honest

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Head down, making sure his Gan Sau was in the right place, my beginner training partner punched me in the face.  My Bong Sau did not reach the objective in time.  “Sorry,” he said.

It happened again, closer to the end of the training session.  “Oops.  Sorry,” he said again.

This happens from time to time – where I goof and the ‘invincible instructor’ gets popped.

“That’s okay, I’m not invincible.  What just happened keeps me honest.”


The Assassin Experiment

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Can you hypnotize someone to kill a celebrity?

Parts 1 to 4;


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Sometimes, I feel like Batman. Just chillin on my jack-jones, minding my own biz and some hidjuts come disrupting my peace. Its at time like this, that nuff manaman get murked, you get me? Leave me be.

(The new Bruce Wayne and ting).

Happy Hallowe’en from CTK

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Fatigued. Seven p.m. Rain. Trudge muddied and sullen into gym. Hungry. Hungry four hour ago and hungrier now. Not eaten. Fasted. Stomach and bowels empty. Brows hung low, furrowed and frowning. Deep breath. No fuel. Deeper breath into vacant cavern at pit of belly. Squat, three hundred and sixty pounds. Dizzy now. Nausea. Nothing to vomit but bile and dusty dry spit. Fall towards cable section. Deep breath. Pull and push. Down low to up high. Tabata protocol for developing punching power. Done. Body spent. Falling to floor. Dream state entered. Hallucinating now. Carry me Lord Lucifer. Embrace me. Mission incomplete. Empty. Cold. Stagger to running track. Neurons misfiring. Skip first. Grab someone. Rotations. Stick. Hard to maintain structure. Vulnerable and suspicious.  Beyond hunger. Sprint. Sprint again. Small death, dying. ‘Go home son’, says voice inside head. Hungry. Don’t eat, yet. First purge.

The Grouch – Breath

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For you,

What kind are you?

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A patient of mine recently asked me, “What kind of Buddhist are you?”

Now, I don’t really like getting into religious or philosophical thought .  It’s almost like bringing up religion or politics at the barber – you just might get your ear lopped off.

But he’s young and I sensed from him that this wouldn’t turn south – and I wouldn’t let it.  Plus, he’s been coming to me for years.

“I’m not Buddhist,” I replied.

“Oh.  I thought you were.  You have a Buddha by your front door.”

“That thing?  I bought that at Winners.  It’s a garden ornament that I use for decoration.  Why do you ask?”

“I started a meditation group called (incomprehensible),” he told me.  “So, if you’re not Buddhist, what are you?”

“Well,” I tentatively replied, “if you wanted to call me anything, you could say that I’m Taoist.  But not really…  I like Sufi poetry, parts of Hinduism, too.  I listen to Kirtan and Buddhist chanting.  I read parts of the Bible.”

“Ultimately,” I left him with this final thought, “I’m just a human being.”


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