The Wall


Cornered, back up against the wall. Arms and elbows offer protection. Crouch down, wait for the initial wave to end. Ride the torrent, so to speak. Hands over head, chin down. Protect the neck. Elbows pulled to body. Watch out for razors. Ride the storm. In a second the engulfing sea will part. It will open. Breathing space. Nay, escape. The gap is momentary. Fleeting. A hundreth of a second and the enemy catches his wind and the attack will continue. Recognize the instant that the break occurs. Fill the void, immediately. Sieze it. Plug the gap. Muster every ounce of skill. Stab, pull, rip, tear, gouge, get out. Push off the wall, elbow and foot. Use the wall. Slide against it.  Hip escape. Dig deep. Get away.


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