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True Essence

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Everytime I watch this video I get something more from it.

Enjoy, CTK

One Time

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Bump this.

Watch this:

Read this:

“It does not hit.”  Flow state.  Higher consciousness.  10’000 hours.

And then I realized this is what I’ve been waiting for.  A way to express myself.  A way to move without the confines of a robotic system – instead a signpost to point the possibilities.

The personal expression of a system takes years.  Gladwell’s 10’000 hours might be right but not when it comes to the intricacies of Kung-Fu.  Even with a principle-based martial art such as Wing Chun there are too many permutations and combinations of events that can occur.  10’000 hours for the punch.  10’000 hours for the kick.  And so on.  It all adds up and there is no easy way to go about it.

Wong Shun Leung the ‘Jum’ guy.  Ip Man the ‘Pak and Lop’ guy.  It makes sense.

And then after a skill is mastered, the ability for it to be expressed fully, without constraint or restrictions, must take many more hours of diligent practice.

The interesting bit, perhaps, is the fact that the flow state comes out of thin air – yet the foundation of mindful practice is the only way to pave that road.

Ramblings of neurons firing in my mind.


Tracing The Legacy

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In The Country

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I was thinking the same thing myself while the heavy bag swung in my basement between strikes.

The sky is clear tonight.  The moon, a sliver, dancing with the Big Dipper.

I warmed up with the traditional forms.  It takes me about 15 minutes to run through them all with my incense burning.  I put on Labcabincalifornia and snuffed the incense.  Hand wraps on followed by my gloves: punching and kicking ensued.

I followed up the heavy bag workout with straight punching and rubber band work.

Cooled down with Heaven and Earth Sinawali.

I talked with Roger last week and he told me, “Whatever you teach me I have to be able to practice it alone.”  I smiled – a big smile and said, “We’re same.”

So Roger and Tom and HDS and I and others will go on training by ourselves and from time to time we’ll hook up for a share.  And when I’m by myself training alone in the country, I’ll look up at the same stars you do, perhaps even at the same time, and I won’t feel so alone.


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Sitting slouched on a dining room chair, legs stretched forwards. Head down. Trying to figure out a way around a dilemma I seem to face frequently, lack of people to train with. On the upside, it has me brainstorming ways of mimicking opponents with the paraphernalia that I have, such as a wooden dummy, heavy bags and resistance bands. Sore from yesterday’s training sessions, exacerbated by the drills I did at home this afternoon. But not so spent that I won’t do my second training session this evening. We plan. We do what we can. Overall, I’m happy; planning and doing.

Could use a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits.

I, Fight – (By Beetle)

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This whole week I have been receiving text messages from friends saying, “Are you stoked to fight next week?” It’s hard for me to respond in texts.

I am a predator. I am the one you are preparing for in your self defense classes. My mindset is not to see if I can do this, I am not fighting for some mystical cause, all I will do is to inflict maximum damage and subject my opponent to a level of violence that he has never felt before. I will expose him to pain and break his will so that he will make mistakes that will allow me to finish the fight. Every time a spark of doubt arises inside me I extinguish it by training and perfecting my techniques that will allow me to win. Some say, “Train smarter, not harder.” Bullshit. Do both. Do more.

Fighting is complex in the sense of the scope of what you need to know. This is not a sport where you come off the street and expect to learn everything in a few months(like so many seem to think), there is only one way to adequately prepare yourself. Action. Fighting is simple in the sense that you don’t need to do anything more then punch him in the face. People seem to forget the simplicity of it.

My confidence is bred in a real place. Success in sparring and competition. My training regime is simple. Learn techniques that are suited for my body structure and drill them until my training partner is bored of me doing it. I take those techniques and practice them in sparring. Next Friday those sparring sessions and repetitions in the gym will allow me to flow. My mind is clear. Jediesque. I have one goal. Break his will to be in there with me. Make him realize he made a mistake and there is no time left to correct it.

I know he has seeds of doubt planted in his head by poor choices he has made. I know he had a baconator last week. How did that effect his training session for the day? Did he get his max reps in? I did. I am willing to bet he bought the new Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 and/or Skyrim. These games came out after we agreed to fight. I didn’t get the games, I was training. He might reason that he played at night before bed. I was watching training videos of seminars I have attended, absorbing techniques and theories. I doodled and made pictures. I took notes. I was sitting in the hot bathtub acclimatizing my body so that I will sweat more when I need to cut weight and make it easier on myself. I was reading. I didn’t go out with my friends. I said no to drinking. I said no to drugs. I said no to fast food. I said no to meals that weren’t prepared by my own hands. I said no to distractions. My real friends understand that I have a goal that I wish to accomplish and they don’t distract me from it. They encourage me to keep going, telling me that I am doing the right things. I thank them for this. I educated myself on proper nutrition and I followed the diet I have laid out for myself. I was strict when there was no need to be and it has made it easier now when it is the most important time to be strict. I want it more.

The footage of me fighting that he will have found is very old. Countless hours, countless repetitions, and countless rounds sparring have taken place since then. If I fight like that again and repeat the same mistakes I deserve to lose, but I won’t. Funny thing is I have the password for those You Tube accounts. If I didn’t want him to see those videos he wouldn’t have. I am a different animal now. I hope he trained for that boy in the videos because when he sees the man standing across from him he will realize what happened and the seeds of doubt planted in his mind will be watered by his poor choices. I am the sun and I will allow those seeds to grow and flourish. I made better choices and it has allowed me to remain calm and focused on the task at hand.

I know what the future holds for me. Victory. The only unknown to me is if the referee will raise my right hand or my left. So much I want to say but all I respond with is, “Yes, I am stoked and I am ready”.

Beetle is an MMA fighter, living in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. 


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Friends come and go.  Relationships yield love and hate.  Teachers change.

Move to different houses, different communities, different parts of the country.

In sickness and in health.  In summer and in winter.  In a kwoon, in a garage, in my basement.

It follows me wherever I go.  Part of my soul, my being, my breath.  The most inexpensive of all activities –  the only cost is my unwavering energy towards it.

And through all the ups and downs, it has remained constant: Kung-Fu training.

And with this knowledge Kung-Fu will allow me to rebuild my esteem, drag me from the depths of hell, pull me from the well of depression, silence the demons in my mind, kindle new friendships through training and give me a creative outlet to blow off my anger, frustration and hate to improve my relationships.


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