An Excited Calm

Work is like a show.  A play.

Every patient who walks through my door doesn’t care if they’re the first or the last; I better be on point (no pun intended).

This type of energy required to keep people feeling good takes a lot of energy from me.  Sometimes, at home, my own family doesn’t get the best of me, while 1-hour-a-week strangers get some of the best of me.

I’m known for my upbeat and positive energy.  My big smile.  Always saying yes and going out of my way to help.  I call new patients or send them emails two days after treatment to make sure they are okay.  Healing can be a weird thing and it’s good to give support at all times.

It’s coming up on five years and I’m zapped.  Toast.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done.  But the issue is: I still don’t have the formula right.

There’s excitement.  I can have it drip off my every pore and bring all my patients up to a new level.

Then there’s calm – something I noticed my mentor having at all times.  I still felt, while in his presence, that I was being cared for.  He lifted me up.  He helped me look inward.

My ‘calm’ doesn’t seem to work for my patients.  I feel my business suffers.  However, my ‘excitement’ doesn’t work for the life that surrounds me.

Still can’t get the formula right.  Maybe I should call Ferrari.


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