Neon Lights

I ate in my car today, which was fine because I was in a rush. Placing it on the floor while I drove allowed the food to cool. Ironically I was in search of some warmth later in the day when the sun had set and the winter weather chilled the evening air. My attempt at taking refuge in a Starbucks was short-lived when I discovered the gaunt faces of patrons, sat, zombie-still, taking up all the f*ckin’ seats. I ordered my cup of tea and walked back into the cold, locking myself into my car as I killed more time.  It was in my car that I began typing this blog post, under a neon sign that lit anything ensnared by its gaze.

I have faith in the Universe and I am filled with a sense of deep contentment. Always be oriented on the escape. Happy living what can only be described as a simple life. No fuss. I train twice daily. I read. I absorb and assimilate. The opponent is but a momentary distraction. End him and get out. I smile at strangers, am courteous when in the presence of acquaintances and am openly affectionate with friends.  You owe a duty to each training partner to provide them with a level of realism that mimics what they are likely to face on the street. The alternate scheme of withholding power confines your training partners to a fantasy realm and sets you up with poor habitual responses. Start as you mean to go on. I am at one with the Universe.

Be aggressive from the outset.

Commit to the attack. 

Close and finish the fight.


One Response to “Neon Lights”

  1. authenticizeit Says:

    LOVE THIS!!!

    BTW, I too spent extra time in the car today, with coffee and my thoughts. It led me to a VERY inspiring sunset from which I absorbed things for which there are no words.

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