Musashi Moment

This morning, at around 6:30am, I had what I like to call a Musashi moment – and not the good kind.

Remember in the story by Eiji Yoshikawa where our hero was training so hard to become the best swordsman he could be?  And one day, when he was traveling through a town, he stepped on a nail?

He was so upset with himself and had this internal dialogue where said something like, “Here I am trying to be the best swordsman in the land and I foolishly stepped on a nail.  I didn’t even see it.”  He ends up with this huge, swollen foot – all infected.

Monday’s solo training was so amazing.  Everything flowed out of my being.  Yesterday’s training was great running some folks through some drills.  This morning, I was playing my forms as I usually do before hitting the heavy bag.

Running through the sword form, somehow, randomly, the tang on my sword got hooked in my hoodie pocket.  As I went forward to stab, it caught, recoiled and the rear part of the blade chopped my philtrum.

The blade smashed my lip against my teeth and hot, searing pain was followed by massive amounts of blood.  Every time I moved my mouth, it opened up the wound.

It was tricky finishing the last hour of my workout, let me tell you that.  After I put a bandage over my upper lip my wife started calling me Charlie.  You know…Charlie Chaplin?



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