That Doesn’t Look Like Wing Chun


3 Responses to “That Doesn’t Look Like Wing Chun”

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  2. I think I might have heard something similar once or twice from another young Englishman… 🙂

    I have to agree that training (particularly chi sau with pressure) and thinking about lines of attack really changed the way I look at all attack/defense in sparring. I find I really “feel for” that position of control over my opponent rather than just randomly throwing stuff out there, and I credit that completely to training Wing Chun in similar fashion to how Alan Orr explained in the video.

    Oh, and the clever, smart-ass reply to why “that doesn’t look like Wing Chun” is because most Wing Chun you’ll see and encoutner looks like shit and collapses under pressure. The practitioners wouldn’t have the first clue how to apply it in real combat – they are just “chasing hands” and trying to be flashy!

  3. ctkwingchun Says:

    Very true. Another question to ask ourselves, not just as martial artists but as human beings is if Wing Chun is allowed to evolve…if WE are allowed to evolve.

    MMA is a wonderful development of the age. It called bluff on many martial art systems and styles. Wing Chun/Gung-Fu/Kung-Fu can survive into the future, but only if we stop clinging to old thinking.

    As that other Englishman told me about my own Wing Chun, “It’s all there in the system.”

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