The Mystic

Freud argued that the very idea of a soul or spirit refers to the perception of one’s own mental life.

He furthermore asserted that magic, like animism, is a fundamentally psychological phenomenon.  According to his definition, “Magic reveals in the clearest and most unmistakable way an intention to impose the laws governing mental life upon real things” and “replace the laws of nature by psychological ones.”

Freud continued, “It is easy to perceive the motives which lead men to practice magic: they are human wishes. . . . The basic reason why what [a person] sets about by magical means comes to pass is, after all, simply that he wills it. To begin with, therefore, the emphasis is only upon his wish” ([1913] 1955l, 91, 83).

Excerpt from Wearing My Tutu to Analysis by Malawista, et al.


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