Seeing Is Believing

“Why to the North Pole of course!  This is the Polar Express!”

Since having children, I’ve had a hard time lying to them about Santa Claus.  I don’t want to be a dishonest parent.  My wonderful wife is all about the magic of Christmas and promises me that I will be sad when the kids are are all grown up and the magic is gone.

Even my five-year-old is already asking all the questions about Santa.  “How does he get to every house?  How does be carry all those presents.”  To which I mostly respond, “I don’t know.”

However, just like Kung-Fu Panda was an allegory of the fact that there is no secret ingredient, Polar Express has made its way into my heart and patched up the whole Santa-problem for me.

The main character ends up receiving the first gift of Christmas from Santa Claus.  Santa tells the boy that the bell is a symbol of Christmas, just like the jolly fat-man is.  And then it clicked.

A symbol of the season.  When viewed like that, it changes everything – especially the purpose of the holidays.



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