Skinny Bredda

Just another bredda at the gym. A skinny one at that, but with a little swagga.

He can do;
60 Dips
20 Pull-ups
Weighted Dips + 90lbs for set of 5
Weighted Pull-ups + 135lbs for 3
Squats at 380lbs
Horizontal hangs
Windshield wipers
L-sit pull ups
Fingertip dips

*at a bodyweight of under 160lbs. He’s been called the strongest guy at the gym ting (lb for lb). He’s also been called the fastest.

The thing that I most like about this bredda is that his forte aint even gym tings. For him, its a means to an end. See, he likes Gung Fu.

“It must be understood that to cultured englishmen… there is nothing unnatural in developing a certain personal style, with even a touch of swagger, provided one does it with humor”

Alan Watts


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