Fish and Chips

Craving Fish and Chips about now. Slunk back in my chair, missing home (I’m Made in England). Self pitying, nostalgic yet content. You see the best Fish and Chips I had were from a local chippie in West London. Touch of vinegar, salt to dry out your mouth, pieces of golden battered cod and thick cut chips, drowning in tomato sauce. The lost art of eating out of old oil sodden newspaper. If I try to identify with what I’m feeling, I guess the expression would be something like homesickness; not overtly sentimental but definitely something akin to reminiscing.

I could sit here lamenting but within a few minutes my mind will be firmly rooted in the present. In a few minutes the very act of delving into past memories becomes dangerous. This is because someone will turn up to train Gung Fu. Should my mind meander onto matters other than the fact that my opponent is wearing gloves and firing fist missiles toward my face I stand to get hurt.

Fish and Chips can wait.

God Save the Queen.


3 Responses to “Fish and Chips”

  1. authenticizeit Says:

    At age 19 I flew to London where I didn’t know anyone… Lived and loved and learned there for almost a year. Can’t believe I didn’t realize what English “chips” were til I got some in Brixton one day after work. Loved them! Then I learned what “crisps” were. A couple weeks later my darling little boy students taught me that “pants” typically do NOT have zippers, but trousers do. OMG I was embarassed and also laughed hysterically long at myself! I had been telling one 5 yr old student to zip up his pants, and he seemed a bit confused and distraught over my request….. I tried to explain, thinking he didn’t understand me, only to have his little buddies come to his rescue and inform me that *I* was the one who didn’t understand! They gave me a lesson in pants vs. trousers, and after that we got along like best friends for the rest of that year. I miss them. I dream about my 60 students, some by name still. Chips. 🙂

  2. authenticizeit Says:

    P.S. my chips came in newspaper

  3. His Dark Side Says:

    i ended up eating mince meat and vegetables, washed down with a protein shake and some branch chained amino acid pills. dessert is a cup of tea. im a rockstar… oh yes i am!

    One love!

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