You = Your Practice

I’ll never forget the first slide from the presentation my teacher-became-mentor-became-friend Colton Oswald, R.Ac gave just on the outset of me finishing school.

You = Your Practice

As simply stated, I am my practice.  When I’m up, my practice is up, when my practice is up, I’m up.  Of course, when my practice is down, I’m down and when I’m down, my practice is down.  He taught us in that seminar that the key was to not ride the rollercoaster.  Instead, it would be healthier (for both our practice and ourselves) to stay centred during our time in the clinic.

Through the years I have also discovered another key element through that simple equation: I can keep my practice up by ‘being’ up.  No different than psyching myself up for a spar, or listening to some good tunes before lifting weights in the gym; I am able to pump myself up for the day ahead of me and give out nothing but good energy.

What this truly does, in my opinion, is takes the finger and points it right back to myself.  Only I am responsible for my success.



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