Hidden Blessings and Gung Fu

There are a variety of excuses one can make for an injury. The causative agent in my case is fairly obvious; striking knuckles hard against a heavy bag. Of course this self-destructive activity has a degree of inevitability when it comes to injuries. If I could close my eyes and will my left hand to self-recover I would, but even I am aware that Magick has limitations.

The desire to hit the bag is already overwhelming, but this would be foolhardy. Better to rest than exacerbate. Most people empower injuries allowing symptoms to become stifling. But the way I overcome this dilemma is by identifying with the rest of my body which remains intact and not empowering the injury by making it the focus of my attention. After all, I have a variety of fully functioning, injury free limbs that can be trained in the interim. This ‘opportunity’ to focus on other aspects of my training has arisen out of the injury and therefore may be a hidden blessing.

All it took was a subtle shift in focus.

Now for an utterly pointless, unrelated, yet profoundly sexy picture; 



4 Responses to “Hidden Blessings and Gung Fu”

  1. authenticizeit Says:

    Nice! 🙂 🙂

    BTW, is it just me or is it really snowing on this page I’m looking at? I love it!!

  2. authenticizeit Says:

    ooo spooky – the cute little flakes follow my mouse arrow….

  3. authenticizeit Says:

    It took 1 1/2 years for my middle knuckle on the right hand to recover to the point of not instantly swelling up HUGE after impact of one or two bare-handed punches – after what I did to it at one of Jesse Glover’s seminars. He tried to warn me…about half-way through…I should’ve listened. Now I know. 😉

    • His Dark Side Says:

      When Jesse speaks, listen. I think all of us get a bit overzealous with training at times. Exercise includes ‘with caution’. I hope your hand is fully recovered now. Ouch!

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