Fight Drills and Lucid Dreaming

After brainstorming an idea as to how to work a particular dynamic for fighting, I think I found a rudimentary solution. The dynamic I was attempting to simulate was the push-pull type movement often seen in streetfights, ice hockey fights and stabbings where the assailant holds on to clothing (or a limb) and strikes repeatedly with the other, dominant hand. In classical Gung Fu, we are taught to grab and pull; ‘lap sau’ (grabbing hand) and it is often coupled with a simultaneous strike being issued. Now the idea wasn’t to establish a counter, but more rather to mimic that actual dynamic because I am a firm believer that you should work the same (or similar) skills that have proved effective in the street (do what the assailants are likely to do, but better).

The solution I came up with was a simple one; wrap a towel (to mimic grabbing clothing) around a heavy bag (or body opponent bag) which you:

1) hold, and;
2) pull – suddenly and explosively (really focus on establishing a firm grip), and;
3) hit repeatedly with the other hand. This can be done in sets where you say grab and suddenly pull, while hitting 3 times with other hand.

It was this drill that also reinforced how lucid dreaming can be a great means to help solve training dilemmas;

***for any readers who are interested in Gung Fu, Wing Chun, Fight Based Drills, Exercise or Nutrition (what we do and how we do it!); contact myself (HDS) or CTK through this blog. One Love!!! 


One Response to “Fight Drills and Lucid Dreaming”

  1. authenticizeit Says:

    Thanks. Will do this. About lucid dreaming – totally agree.

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