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Tiger Balm

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Zheng Gu Shui for my back.

Tiger Balm for my knee.

Salonpas patches for my traps.

Vitamin D drops, Emergen-C packets, fish oil and multivitamin for overall health.


Forms for the memory.

Qigong for the stress.

Heavy bag for unleashing.

Chi Sau for the labratory.

Sparring for the application.

Weights for the CNS.

Sprints for the heart.


“We will not relax.

Relaxing – just another way to say you’re getting old.” – Current Swell

I Am In Hell, Help Me

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Life involves setbacks, fear, addictions, episodes of depression, hardships and self-doubt. It is my firm belief that we can acquire coping mechanisms by enduring the challenges we face in Gung Fu training.  To be human means to suffer and adversity forces us to develop inner strength.

Without struggle, without suffering of some kind, our life journey is rendered meaningless. Consequently, without the ability to endure hardship we create an internal environment of helplessness, perceiving the World as nothing other than a cold, harsh place. If you find yourself in Hell, perhaps you will use your Gung Fu skill to get out.

The Struggle by Scroobius Pip

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Passion Means Pain

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I continue to be passionate about Wing Chun and Gung Fu. Passion is derived from the latin root; pati, whose etymology means to suffer or to endure, which also incidentally gives ‘Passion of the Christ’ its classic meaning. Learning Wing Chun under Leung sifu, was filled with adversity. The English poet, Lord Byron wrote “adversity is the first path to truth” and for me at least it was a trial by fire. Practice would consist of calisthenics, form work and application. And the private lessons would often overlap with other students’ to enable us to do the partner work consisting of chi sao and sparring.

By pitting my fighting skill against higher skilled seniors, sifu forced me to overcome my fears and insecurities. Sifu’s method was to designed for a student to develop skill quickly. My choice was either to get good or to find myself being victimized by my peers. The lessons were a constant and oppressive uphill struggle, forcing me to improve or get hurt. I learnt the harder you work, the better your skills, the fewer your scars.

The inherent lesson was that the more difficult the situation, the more potential there was for improvement. As a student, I was forced to draw on inner strength and resolve, to push past the point of fatigue and override the pain thresholds. It was this method of learning that helped develop a mindset and attitude to endure through suffering. It was through this very process that I acquired the most important attribute that a Gung Fu man can attain; the will to survive.

Shiver With Fear

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When we get those little motivational, inspiration and productive thoughts in our head, we should act – immediately.

We should learn to practice to listen to them and act on them.  In relationships, in business and in life.

I believe we would conquer fear and make huge gains across the board.  For what I do today is not for today, but for tomorrow.


Somebody That I Used To Know

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