New Year’s Visioning – Final Draft

The theme for this year is “doing things better.”

In my mind’s eye I see me

  • Using my time more wisely.  Less computer use when I’m at home and instead more time spent with family.
  • Connecting more with the love of my life.  The more energy I put into my partner, the more that will come back to me.
  • Staying ahead of the bills instead of behind them.
  • Staying ahead of car maintenance instead of behind it.
  • Training harder AND smarter.  KISK – Keep It Simple, Kenton.
  • Calling more friends and family.  More FB messages.  More emails.  More lines of communication open.
  • Smiling, laughing, loving.

Also, I will try to manifest the following (if it may be, so be it)

  • Avenge my amateur boxing loss.
  • Move my family 5000kms away to pursue the second phase of our life-dream.



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