I Made Excuses But Then I Tried Again

Despite having attempted to push myself at the gym this morning, I walked out of the double-doors knowing that I had let myself down. My performance was so-so, the martial equivalent of which my Gung Fu sifu would have referred to as shit (albeit it in his broken English-Mandarin fusion).

Amplifying Pain
Somehow, I managed to amplify the small amount of pain emanating from my left ankle; something that should have remained a ‘mere annoyance’ became ‘stifling pain.’
LESSON LEARNT: Your thinking can amplify your pain; so instead generate thoughts that will lead to overwhelming feelings of wellness. “For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare

Similarly, my inner-dialogue appeared to work in opposition to me, driven by a degree of malevolence. It caused me to lift significantly less than I would normally have (on dips), whispering phrases such as “I’m feeling weak” and “I can’t do this.”
LESSON LEARNT: Reframe your inner-voice to enable success. Use power words framed in positive terms “I CAN do this”, “I WILL do this”

Generating Excuses
Like a real tosser, I even started generating excuses in my own head, mid-workout, like ‘perhaps I’m tired because I worked out hard last weekend.’ I’m a bell-end for justifying excuses and being my own unequivocal enabler to my failings.
LESSON LEARNT: Excuses are easy to generate. Actions speak for themselves. “Be content to act, leave the talking to others.” Baltasar Gracian 

I’m well aware that my own thought processes were significantly responsible for my impaired training, (and not necessarily my injuries or my levels of fatigue).

Sometimes it pays to try again. I went back to the gym later in the day and murked it, one time. Brap!


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