Last night, I engaged in a Facebook conversation with Samuel Kwok.

I don’t believe in Qi projection, and I believe this was the second time that he had posted a video on the subject.  I voiced my concerns.  I, among two others, expressed that it was fake.  I felt that I was having a civilized conversation.  I went back after an hour’s drive home to continue it to find that I had been ‘unfriended.’

I got a message from a guy saying that he was unfriended as well.  The third person’s posts are all deleted.

I guess it’s allowed.  Ol’ Sam’s house, Ol’ Sam’s rules.  But what irks me the most in all this is that the folks that voiced their concerns got banned.  We were called ‘close minded.’  Isn’t the shoe on the wrong foot?

What is it with these ‘masters’ that when they get old, they have to resort to parlor tricks?

I guess getting old and staying on top is too hard of work for anybody…


5 Responses to “Banned”

  1. Is this Samuel Kwok the (also) Wing Chun grandmaster?

    Chi – very mysterious. Fake if it is, not fake when it isn’t. I have limited exposure and when I do see demonstrations of it, I try to keep an open mind about it. The George Dillman stuff is…well I wouldn’t know for sure until I have him try it on me but I can surmise from how the BJJ students weren’t affected by his “chi” that his “chi” is questionable at best!

    As my experience in Aikido, I can count in one hand how many times in the past 3 years chi was mentioned – which was very few! It’s different here in my dojo where I’m studying. I’m looking forward to learning and actualizing what is being taught here.

  2. His Dark Side Says:

    Yes, it is the WC “grandmaster”.

    • I wouldn’t doubt his Wing Chun, his “chi” on the other hand…

      As for the facebook diss – that was just classless. Unless you said something extremely inappropriate…

  3. So because you don’t believe means it isn’t true?

    • ctkwingchun Says:

      Nice sleight of hand. And because you believe your Chi will protect you from gunshots means it will? Do you remember the legend of the White Lotus Clan? That story is told for a reason.

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