Fantasy Wing Chun League

Wing Chun is a lot like playing fantasy football. I say this because of the many parallels;

1) Participants sit around discussing fake mock ups of stuff that rarely, if ever, happens in reality.

2) They discuss things regarding the potential success of particular players pitched in mock up scenarios without the participants actually ever getting involved. The guys that play fantasy football, are not, by virtue of the ‘fantasy’ actually engaging in the activity that they are discussing, i.e. football. Similarly, Wing Chun guys, by virtue of practising Wing Chun, rarely engage in anything resembling reality; they do forms, firmly rooted in fantasy and then move on to practice exercises like Chi Sao, also a fantasy mockup which in no way corresponds with what may happen in a fight.

3) They pretend to have some knowledge of strategic play that the other players don’t have and they think this gives them an advantage.

4) In addition, the type of men attracted to playing fantasy football tend to be a bit geekish, non-athletic.

5) ***I just watched a clip of someone who does the air dummy form which is pretty pathetic. For starters, when you work with a dummy, at least you are working with something that provides a reference point for an opponent. The air dummy strays even further into fantasy land as it departs from that reference point.

Question is, where do you prefer to live, fantasy island or the really real World?

Train hard, lift weights, sprint, spar, spar, spar some more.


2 Responses to “Fantasy Wing Chun League”

  1. Stars simply for the photo! (and the topic ofcourse)

  2. His Dark Side Says:

    That photo is quality. quite often i come across a photo like this, and forget about writing a blog post altogether.

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