Bruce Lee and Yip (Ip) Man

“You can well say that I do not have any style, though I have to admit that I initiate from my wing chun instructor, Mr. Yip Man.  We had tea not too long ago, and although our ideas differ, I respect this instructor of mine.  Whatever happens, he is my wing chun instructor.

What it boils down to is my sincere and honest revelation of a man called Bruce Lee – that is, regarding martial art (which always comes first), his viewpoint on movie-making, and last, but not least, just who is Bruce Lee?  Where is he heading?  What [does] he hope to discover?

To do this a person has to stand on his own two feet and find out his cause of ignorance.  For the lazy and hopeless, they can forget it and do what they like best.”

-Bruce Lee (excerpt from Artist of Life, Pg. 228)


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