Life Lessons From Lifting

I haven’t lifted long but today in the gym I saw some parallels with life.  Herein I share what feel.

Warm up to the challenge (aka Don’t bite off more than you can chew): The iron doesn’t lie.  If I try to pick up a heavy weight before warming up to it, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to lift it.  This also goes with overloading the bar.  If my ego is bigger than my muscles, I could seriously injure myself – in and outside the gym.

Make a gain no matter how small: I believe those little 2½lbs weights mean something.  They say to me, “Make a gain today.  And then next week, when you add another 2½lbs, that’s 5lbs!”  They also speak to me in life, “Write a little more.  One more round.  Five more minutes.  Make that phone call.”  Keep pushing.

Visualize what you want to happen and then do it: Lifting is a physical (read: doing) effort.  Before I push against the weight, I visualize what I want to happen.  I even mimic the exercise without the weight load.  This confirms something so important – visualize + act = desired result.

Show up on a regular basis: Some might say that lifting once a week isn’t good enough.  Some might say that I need to be in the gym alternating between upper and lower body workouts every second day.  But I do what I can.  I decided that every Wednesday I would lift.  I took an hour out of every Wednesday and dedicated it to gym time.  That was the first step – and the last.  I give it everything I’ve got for one hour (usually 40 minutes).  One hour a week isn’t too much to ask.

Manage your time wisely: One hour to get it all done.  No phone, no chit-chat, no distractions.  Me and my tunes – pacing back and forth in front of the mirror psyching myself up, visualizing my outcome and scaring away the old folks.



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