Anticipation in Gung Fu

Just thinking aloud. Ignore me if you want. I don’t write for you. I write for me.

Anticipation (and deception) in Gung Fu are skills which can be learned, refined and mastered with experience and practice.

What Is It?
Anticipation in Gung Fu involves;

  1. analyzing the opponent,
  2. making a prediction as to what he is likely to do,
  3. formulating a response (ideally before he moves).

How To Practice
The problem is that most martial artists, learn through the protracted method of trial and error. A far more efficient way is to employ deliberate practice.

Analyzing The Opponent
The idea of anticipation involves ‘thin-slicing’ or analyzing the opponent and drawing split-second inferences as to how he is likely to attack based on such things as:

  • any historical data (how has be attacked before), or alternatively:
  • based on postural cues.

Formulating A Response
What separates good from great Gung Fu men, is not the ability to decode the cues better, nor better reaction cues but making the best use of information present. After all, the person anticipating must respond with a tactically sound response, be it;

  • escaping, or;
  • counter-attacking.

Where To Develop Anticipation Skills in Gung Fu
Martial artists who engage in sparring and drills such as Chi Sao are better at recognizing patterns of movement because they are exposed to a live and dynamic environment,

The better your skills, the fewer your scars. 


3 Responses to “Anticipation in Gung Fu”

  1. If this writing was really truly just for you, you wouldn’t post it. Maybe is the sharing or the response or the lack of response that’s for you, not us. Well either way, I don’t really care — because what I find here does something for me. And I appreciate it. So thank you. You don’t have to accept thanks, but I’m giving it anyway because I care and have much gratitude to send specifically your way. Thanks. This is good shit. L

  2. One more thing, I realize and SO understand the honesty in the comment “it’s not for you, it’s for me”. Really. Sometimes, and you CAN quote me, I hate the fact that we are such connected beings. There are days, months, when it would be my preference to just do everything for myself and have no f’n worry about anyone elses response or reaction. But, fact is, I’m a mom. I’m an employee. I’m a friend. I’m a student, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and the list goes on. Those ARE relational, whether I like it or not.

    What you shared here about anticipation – it spoke to me. You spoke to me. That’s relational. And so I thank you. With love.


  3. His Dark Side Says:

    thanks for your lovely kind words. this blog reflects, in many ways, the process of thinking aloud. and my thoughts are mine alone. that said, you are absolutely right, the very fact that the words are here, means that they were intended for the public domain. but, i quote A. Crowley “do what thou wilt…”


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