Gung Fu, Injuries and the Black Knight

In between punch sets during this morning’s Gung Fu training, Tim and I discussed the nature of injuries. We agreed that our ability to endure training despite injuries is the best way to go and that we should simply adapt our training method.

For example, an injury to my left leg does not hinder the use of my good leg and two good arms. All I would need to do is focus on the training of the good limbs while I rehabilitate the dogged leg.

After all, an aggressor is unlikely to be concerned about our injuries before he attacks us. In those moments we are forced to respond or die.

Don’t let injuries set your training back. Think laterally about other things that you can work on. And should your physical ability be so impaired that you are unable to train altogether then train the mind!

Never accept defeat. Never back down. In training and in fighting be the Black Knight.

Don’t be an effing pansy.


2 Responses to “Gung Fu, Injuries and the Black Knight”

  1. Classic! One of the funniest movies ever. “It’s just a flesh wound!”

    Seriously, though, training around limitations is the way to go. If you simply cease training to recover from an injury, your body will become deconditioned/detrained overall, making the task of returning to your pre-injury form/capabilities all the more difficult.

    Some will argue, for example, that if you have an injured leg you should not train legs at all, to prevent an imbalance from developing, to which I say, guess what, mate? There already IS an imbalance – your INJURY. Why let the other leg get weaker when it doesn’t have to? There is also some research saying that the injured limb will recover back to full potential more quickly if the non-injured one is kept active due to those firing patterns still being trained, albeit unilaterally.

    • His Dark Side Says:

      great words brother JP. i write these words after a spirited workout a few moments ago. my attitude today is rest when you’re intending to rest in peace.


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