Money Relations

Five years later running my own business and I might be getting this right.

Money.  What a strange and powerful beast.  Need it, but not supposed to have it.  Have it, but not supposed to show it.  Religious and cultural implications in a capitalistic-driven world.

Analyze: What do you I need to live on?  Mortgage, heat the home, groceries, insurance, gas, food, children’s programs.

Analyze: Chinese medicine concept of Heart-Mind (Xin).  Where’s the focus?  How much can I focus on at a given time in my life?  Can I focus on two acupuncture practices, teaching, writing, homeschooling, marriage, family, friends, boxing, Wing Chun, BJJ, Escrima, Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc at the same time?  What suffers when spread too thin?

Analyze: Focus on acupuncture practices = money = less stress = more enjoyable time spent with family = happiness.  Plus, my job is awesome and I know it.  I enjoy it.  I’m good at it.  And doggone it, people like me.

Affirmation: Why do I always have enough money?

  • Because I don’t spend my money
  • Because I don’t live beyond my means
  • Because I save my money
  • Because I highly value money
  • Because I help people and they pay me for it
  • Because I don’t spread my Heart-Mind too thin
  • Because (put yours here)



One Response to “Money Relations”

  1. Ah money, how much I need so!

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