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I’m Here

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Fearlessness – 10 Lessons

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Groovy Ironfist Gung Fu

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“The bile at the pit of your stomach.

The spit festering on the street corner.

The dirt, encasing the bottom of your shoe.

The shadow, on an overcast day.

The mourners face, at a funeral.

I am all these things.

So why follow me…”

said the Gung Fu Master to his student…

“when I have nothing to teach?”

What Music Taught Me About Martial Arts (Deliberate Practice)

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I played piano for a few years until junior high where I played clarinet right through until the end of high school.  Now my children are learning piano through Music For Young Children.  Music taught me a lot about deliberate practice and how I could approach studying other subjects.

In martial arts, and in life, as in music – timing is everything.  The issue becomes apparent when someone is trying play a piece and is speeding up the easy parts and slowing down the hard parts.  There are three easy fixes that are not always clear:

1. Stop playing the whole piece from start to finish in hopes that the difficult parts will somehow become less difficult with them adjacent to the easy parts.  This is a waste of time and energy.

2. Practice the hard parts over and over, breaking them out.  You already know the easy parts, so nail down the difficult parts and then put the whole piece back together.

3. Nobody likes to hear a piece with a mismatched tempo – and a combination of techniques that runs out of control only to slow to a crawl during a highly technical portion doesn’t work either.  If you can’t get the timing down fast – slow the whole piece down to as slow as you need to go for the difficult portion.

Make it yours,

London Bridge

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OBEY ME – Listen to this;

READ ME –  Not thinking about Gung Fu right now. Just want my head to hit pillow, night to engulf me and my soul to swim in dreams. Its been a good few days. This blog is blowing up, a labour of love which has seen CTK and I get involved in other Gung Fu related projects.

I half squatted 400lbs at a body weight of 160lbs on Saturday. A personal best. Sprints felt good this morning. Dips are up to 115lbs, added by way of a dipping belt. Full lever feels good. Yesterday I felt like I gained some important insight into deliberate practice during sparring.

Found myself thinking about my childhood. The sickly youth has become a man. Hope for us all. Thinking about London. Missing my home.


Knife Flow

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