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I’m Here

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Fearlessness – 10 Lessons

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Groovy Ironfist Gung Fu

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“The bile at the pit of your stomach.

The spit festering on the street corner.

The dirt, encasing the bottom of your shoe.

The shadow, on an overcast day.

The mourners face, at a funeral.

I am all these things.

So why follow me…”

said the Gung Fu Master to his student…

“when I have nothing to teach?”

What Music Taught Me About Martial Arts (Deliberate Practice)

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I played piano for a few years until junior high where I played clarinet right through until the end of high school.  Now my children are learning piano through Music For Young Children.  Music taught me a lot about deliberate practice and how I could approach studying other subjects.

In martial arts, and in life, as in music – timing is everything.  The issue becomes apparent when someone is trying play a piece and is speeding up the easy parts and slowing down the hard parts.  There are three easy fixes that are not always clear:

1. Stop playing the whole piece from start to finish in hopes that the difficult parts will somehow become less difficult with them adjacent to the easy parts.  This is a waste of time and energy.

2. Practice the hard parts over and over, breaking them out.  You already know the easy parts, so nail down the difficult parts and then put the whole piece back together.

3. Nobody likes to hear a piece with a mismatched tempo – and a combination of techniques that runs out of control only to slow to a crawl during a highly technical portion doesn’t work either.  If you can’t get the timing down fast – slow the whole piece down to as slow as you need to go for the difficult portion.

Make it yours,

London Bridge

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OBEY ME – Listen to this;

READ ME –  Not thinking about Gung Fu right now. Just want my head to hit pillow, night to engulf me and my soul to swim in dreams. Its been a good few days. This blog is blowing up, a labour of love which has seen CTK and I get involved in other Gung Fu related projects.

I half squatted 400lbs at a body weight of 160lbs on Saturday. A personal best. Sprints felt good this morning. Dips are up to 115lbs, added by way of a dipping belt. Full lever feels good. Yesterday I felt like I gained some important insight into deliberate practice during sparring.

Found myself thinking about my childhood. The sickly youth has become a man. Hope for us all. Thinking about London. Missing my home.


Knife Flow

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Poison, Fitness and Gung Fu

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  • The people who tend to be successful Gung Fu men and women (as well as athletes and martial artists) approach the subject matter entirely differently from their sedentary friends.
  • Working out and practise are firmly entrenched in their lives. They train, challenge themselves and push to greater heights, without excuse.
  • These people may well focus on how to get the best results from the minimum effective dose but a day off from training is something  they force themselves to do.
  • Perhaps they allow a cheat meal each week where most people live cheat lives when it comes to food!
  • Gung Fu people have created the appropriate patterns, routines and habits to create a life which sustains consistent levels of physical training.
  • Furthermore, they immerse themselves in literature, reading fitness journals, extracts and surround themselves with people who share and promote ideas of wellness.
  • Finally, they derive a sense of identity through activities which promote wellness, and derive a level of happiness from its pursuit.

Choose your poison well, my friend.

Singular Focus, Magick and Gung Fu

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“For I am I: ergo, the truth of myself; my own sphinx, conflict, chaos, vortex—asymmetric to all rhythms, oblique to all paths. I am the prism between black and white: mine own unison in duality.” Austin Osman Spare (Artist and Magus)

Close your eyes and focus on one task, object or state of being to the exclusion of all other thoughts. This is the essence of singular focus (a.k.a. Gnosis);  a fundamental tool in the practice of Chaos Magick. It is the state of mind required to influence the Universe, to create the correct spiritual environment that allows your ‘Will” to operate.

Take the same state of mind. Exclude all other thoughts. Focus on your opponent. Anticipate his movements, deceive him. Hit him, move. Finish him.


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Interesting how some martial artists are like the eager children that always tried to place first in the school milk line-up. As soon as the issue of fight techniques are raised they twitch nervously doing the ‘pee-pee’ dance in eager anticipation of providing their opinion on what they believe works. Often, providing anecdotes drawn from their own fantasy driven lives. Talkers.

Same can be said of gym rats, abundantly opined, some of whom wave their certificates to lure in passers-by, as if the weight of the qualification gives credence to regurgitated fables passed on from generation-to-generation as to the best type of exercise to do. Aesop was not a fitness enthusiast.

Excellence in lifestyle change, fitness and martial arts cannot be achieved by merely viewing these things as hobbies, something that one can do recreationally as you meander through life. They cannot be things talked about, discussed around boardroom tables, or at mediation. They are not based on legends, myths and fables.

Anyone who follows DWC knows that we are Gung Fu evangelists, our obsessive religious fervour fanatical. We place training over many aspects of our life. For us, it is about:

  • function over form
  • action speaking louder than words

Chant with us; “obsession.”


Just Show Up

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Eighty percent of success is showing up. -Woody Allen, US movie actor, comedian, & director.

For the most part, I work out alone.  I live outside the city centre, hold down two Chinese medicine practices, have two children and a wonderful wife.  I know a ton of people but most are acquaintances.  My lifestyle I lead due to my buzy-ness doesn’t allot time for kicking back with a couple of cold ones (if I did drink).  It is what it is.

6 AM starts – not for work, but for my workouts.  My alarm goes and I have to show up.  Show up where?  My basement.  Show up for who?  Me, myself and I.  Show up why?  Because I said so.

Are you showing up?  It’s never too late.

Make it yours,

A Coward Dies A Thousand Times

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Thanks to PF for the find,

Your Heroes Vs. My Heroes

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This is one of your heroes. He looks angry. Grrrrr.

This is one of your heroes. He looks happy. Smile.

This is where you like to ‘rassle’.

This is one of my heroes. Clever.

This is another one of my heroes. Strategic.

This is where I expect to fight. But try to avoid it.

Man Up

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The Little Things

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A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.
Paul Dudley White (1886 – 1973) – an American physician and cardiologist

Perhaps three weeks it’s been since I’ve been able to run.  Three weeks seemed like an eternity.  At first I couldn’t even dance in front of my heavy bag, but that returned quickly.  A bummed knee wouldn’t stop me from working out in some fashion, but there’s something ethereal about sprints.  They hurt.  They push me to my limit.  And I love the feeling.

So here I am, three-or-so weeks later, sprinting up a storm – and I won’t slack even for a second because I am reminded that in an instant it could all disappear.  It’s those little things…


Kirk Fu

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Drowning Good

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Seated. Head swaying back and forth to Swim Good. Like a medium waveband, I listen to the dust filtering music through ether, vibrating my core. A mood-less, mood.

Lost in thoughts of scarification, bloodletting and my own demons. The flash photography display in my head pauses, reawakening the deadened feeling in my right leg where it was kicked.

Where am I? What is this land that keeps me on the outside, knocking aimlessly at a door which grants no entry. No one to let me in. Books piled on my bedside table. Escaping into tomes. Tonight, I’ll seek comfort between the words. Refuge. The paragraphs will be my bedding. I’ll lay. Draped in sentences for warmth.

Drowning good.

Remembering SEF

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  • Stance – Get lower in your stance, you lazy bastard.
  • Elbow – Get your elbow to the centreline as best you can.  Your wrist on centre and the distance between your elbow and body will make up the difference.
  • Facing – There is a grey area present in facing.  Stance and elbow make up for the inches, but go too far and you’re done for.

Make it yours,

Solitary Fighting

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“The application of the term “warrior” comes from the type of discipline and focusing used by ancient warriors to prepare for battle. To maximise the chances of surviving, the warrior led a disciplined life that gave self mastery and a way of being in the world that was beyond what oridinary people could manage… the formula for success in battle has been adapted for success in life.” R. L. Spencer

I find it unsettling watching an individual give up his own identity in favour of becoming a member of a group. Watching generic looking martial artists walk wearing uniforms, or skull t-shirts, delineating their gang, is reminiscent of the ‘colours’ synonymous with so much historic violence in South Central L.A.

It appears to me, as mob mentality stretched out in such a way to make it palatable. These mandem are all doing something ‘positive’ and it is a ‘good way to keep ’em off the streets and off’ve drugs.’ Personally, I don’t buy it. I don’t care too much for the underlying, socio-economic, bullshit, anthropological, sociological reasons as to why a young man would want so badly to sacrifice his own sense of Self, especially for martial arts. It smacks me as being a little cult-ish.

You see, whilst its safe to ‘act a man’, when you are surrounded by your friends, understand this; when you are faced with extreme violence, it will be you and only you who will need to find a way out; your own cunning, will for survival and skill-set will enable you to escape alive.

Similarly, life generally does not unfold in such a way that you will be able to rely on your boys to have your back. When you are psychologically broken, impecunious and facing eviction, you will not be able to call on friends to help you. In fact, it is at times such as that when you realise that the superficial friends throughout your younger years were serpents. Friends do not sit your exams, nor face your trials and tribulations, nor do they step in to make things right in your relationship. You will do the most important things in life, alone.

This is why I have zero interest in which clubs you train at ‘dawg’ and I have better things to do than be concerned with which ‘set’ you’re rolling with. If you want me to be impressed, show me what makes you different. Convince me that you have found the cause of your own ignorance in martial arts and demonstrate to me that the path you are on, is yours alone; a unique expression of your being.


Anticipation and Gung Fu

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Quick Notes On Anticipation from Non-Classical Gung Fu

  • Reaction lag = you will get hit if you wait for your opponent to move first.
  • Instead of trying to react, work on skills of ANTICIPATION (reading opponents cues) and launch an attack before he does.
  • anticipate the STIMULUS (wait for his initial attack) and you’ll end up hurt.
  • Avoid over committing – if you move into a closer range than necessary to hit him, you then risk a counter. This makes sense when you look at the primary weapons that Jesse teaches – finger jab to eyes and Big Punch.
  • anticipate the EVENT (the fight), and; preempt the strike.

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