Learn To Push Harder, Reach Higher

The Swedish Psychologist; Dr. K. Anders Ericsson wrote that the development of expertise requires struggle, sacrifice and honest assessment. He also encouraged the type of instruction where the teacher was unsympathetic and challenged his students to drive to higher levels of performance.

One cannot build strength and develop talents unless one is being pushed.

As a student of martial arts, I was forced to draw on inner strength and resolve, to fight fatigue and override the pain thresholds. It was this method of learning that helped develop a mindset and attitude to endure despite suffering.

The most important attribute that a Gung Fu man can develop is the will to survive.


One Response to “Learn To Push Harder, Reach Higher”

  1. Although I agree that it is only through trials, tribulations, defeats, and rebounds that one can only grow, I must challenge the notion that “being pushed” will make you a stronger fighter; better, faster, stronger, etc.

    One can be pushed along a path and can be stuck at point A for the rest of their journey. You can push someone as hard as you can, as frequently as you can. But if that’s all the you’re doing, then some people will simple die out – burn out even before they reach the “first phase”. You can push a chicken to be a warrior, but no matter how hard you push, that chicken is never going to be a warrior…

    To supply growth one must be given the “fire with water” approach. Things to push them past the limit, along with a force to “cool them down” – recover, replenish, and reflect. Then repeat.

    Growth INCLUDES being pushed, but many people mistake the “pushing” for progress when it actually produces at best stagnation or even degeneration in some people.

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