From Chi Sao to Sparring – A Moment In Time

Students often ask their seniors, “How do you spar with someone who doesn’t want to engage?”  The seniors reply with a question of their own: “Why would you fight someone who is running away?”

Due to the fact that there is a constant honing of forward pressure, practitioners get used to the feedback.  Performing Chi Sao is like having two trains on the same track heading towards each other.  This is akin to an aggressive fight and is what Wing Chun excels at.

Sparring, however, is a different beast altogether.  Wing Chun folk don’t get the typical feedback, don’t know what to do and therefore tend to ask the question at the beginning of the article because their sparring partner doesn’t give them what they need or are used to.

For the full article, see this month’s edition of Kung-Fu Tai Chi Magazine written by Dark Wing Chun’s own CTKWingChun!


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