Skateboarding and Kung-Fu

When I was 14 years old, a drug-dealing skater moved into my neighbourhood.  My parents didn’t want me hanging around him because they thought that I’d get into the life.  I did, however, end up bumping into him on several occasions and instead of telling me to smoke a fatty with him, he told me to start skateboarding.  Around the same time was when I got into Kung-Fu.  A late-night commercial enticed me into the club.

I believe that as a teenager I needed something to latch onto.  Something healthy to pull me back in line from the pressures of acquaintances at school.  Still to this day I look upon those years fondly.  I remember the fun that I had and the friends that I made – some of these people are still with me today.

When I got married and started having children, I decided to choose.  Not because of any external pressures, but I started to realize that my time would soon be divided into too many pieces.  I pictured myself at the age of 80 on a skateboard or doing Kung-Fu.  I figured that I could always do Kung-Fu, so I gave up the skating.

I still take my board out from time to time but I haven’t 50-50’d in years.  Both activities helped define me as a person and I will continue to practice Kung-Fu until I pass.  I just hope that the following generations of teenagers have something to hold on to like I did.

Make it yours,


3 Responses to “Skateboarding and Kung-Fu”

  1. You know I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure there’s a kung fu form somewhere that involves using the skateboard as a weapon…

  2. ctkwingchun Says:

    If they can use a bench, I’m sure I could use a skateboard!

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