My Blueprint

Taught Chun today.  I figure I still teach it ‘traditionally.’  Punching in Two’s.  Pak Da’s.  Bong to Tan drills.  Dan Chi Sau.  Bong Lop Da.  Chi Sau.

However, for the last five years since I moved across the country, I’ve tried to formulate a teaching method.  A method where I can get someone from beginner to functional as fast and complete as possible.  I keep refining this process.

SB came by for the sixth time today.  Today was a testament to what I’ve been trying to build.  By the end of his SIXTH HOUR spent with me, he’s rolling in the Chi Sau.  He can even defend basic attacks and I can’t really pull too many ‘tricks’ on him because he reacts appropriately- meaning he responds in the way that he has been trained and the way he has been training himself.



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