Solitary Fighting

“The application of the term “warrior” comes from the type of discipline and focusing used by ancient warriors to prepare for battle. To maximise the chances of surviving, the warrior led a disciplined life that gave self mastery and a way of being in the world that was beyond what oridinary people could manage… the formula for success in battle has been adapted for success in life.” R. L. Spencer

I find it unsettling watching an individual give up his own identity in favour of becoming a member of a group. Watching generic looking martial artists walk wearing uniforms, or skull t-shirts, delineating their gang, is reminiscent of the ‘colours’ synonymous with so much historic violence in South Central L.A.

It appears to me, as mob mentality stretched out in such a way to make it palatable. These mandem are all doing something ‘positive’ and it is a ‘good way to keep ’em off the streets and off’ve drugs.’ Personally, I don’t buy it. I don’t care too much for the underlying, socio-economic, bullshit, anthropological, sociological reasons as to why a young man would want so badly to sacrifice his own sense of Self, especially for martial arts. It smacks me as being a little cult-ish.

You see, whilst its safe to ‘act a man’, when you are surrounded by your friends, understand this; when you are faced with extreme violence, it will be you and only you who will need to find a way out; your own cunning, will for survival and skill-set will enable you to escape alive.

Similarly, life generally does not unfold in such a way that you will be able to rely on your boys to have your back. When you are psychologically broken, impecunious and facing eviction, you will not be able to call on friends to help you. In fact, it is at times such as that when you realise that the superficial friends throughout your younger years were serpents. Friends do not sit your exams, nor face your trials and tribulations, nor do they step in to make things right in your relationship. You will do the most important things in life, alone.

This is why I have zero interest in which clubs you train at ‘dawg’ and I have better things to do than be concerned with which ‘set’ you’re rolling with. If you want me to be impressed, show me what makes you different. Convince me that you have found the cause of your own ignorance in martial arts and demonstrate to me that the path you are on, is yours alone; a unique expression of your being.



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