Interesting how some martial artists are like the eager children that always tried to place first in the school milk line-up. As soon as the issue of fight techniques are raised they twitch nervously doing the ‘pee-pee’ dance in eager anticipation of providing their opinion on what they believe works. Often, providing anecdotes drawn from their own fantasy driven lives. Talkers.

Same can be said of gym rats, abundantly opined, some of whom wave their certificates to lure in passers-by, as if the weight of the qualification gives credence to regurgitated fables passed on from generation-to-generation as to the best type of exercise to do. Aesop was not a fitness enthusiast.

Excellence in lifestyle change, fitness and martial arts cannot be achieved by merely viewing these things as hobbies, something that one can do recreationally as you meander through life. They cannot be things talked about, discussed around boardroom tables, or at mediation. They are not based on legends, myths and fables.

Anyone who follows DWC knows that we are Gung Fu evangelists, our obsessive religious fervour fanatical. We place training over many aspects of our life. For us, it is about:

  • function over form
  • action speaking louder than words

Chant with us; “obsession.”



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