Poison, Fitness and Gung Fu

  • The people who tend to be successful Gung Fu men and women (as well as athletes and martial artists) approach the subject matter entirely differently from their sedentary friends.
  • Working out and practise are firmly entrenched in their lives. They train, challenge themselves and push to greater heights, without excuse.
  • These people may well focus on how to get the best results from the minimum effective dose but a day off from training is something  they force themselves to do.
  • Perhaps they allow a cheat meal each week where most people live cheat lives when it comes to food!
  • Gung Fu people have created the appropriate patterns, routines and habits to create a life which sustains consistent levels of physical training.
  • Furthermore, they immerse themselves in literature, reading fitness journals, extracts and surround themselves with people who share and promote ideas of wellness.
  • Finally, they derive a sense of identity through activities which promote wellness, and derive a level of happiness from its pursuit.

Choose your poison well, my friend.


One Response to “Poison, Fitness and Gung Fu”

  1. ctkwingchun Says:

    I got the remedy.

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