Gung Fu; Beloved

the entrance door to the sanctuary
is inside you.

When I first began training in Wing Chun Gung-Fu in 1993, I was unaware of what I would become and where I would end up. Gung Fu has seen me uprooted and cross an ocean. It has also allowed me to train with two of the greatest Gung Fu men of our generation, the late, Leung Sifu who taught me the rare line of Red Boat Wing Chun and Jesse Glover who has allowed me access enough to develop my path in Non-Classical Gung Fu. And, to them both I am indebted for lessons that go beyond fighting. A constant fixture through high and low points, Gung Fu is, and will remain, my beloved art for self expression.

Travelers, it is late.
Life’s sun is going to set.
During these brief days that you have strength,
be quick and spare no effort of your wings.

Gung Fu has allowed me to confront every known condition to man, from fear, to love, to joy and to sadness. So much so, that it is an inseparable part of me. I know not where the art ends and the man begins.

Do not be satisfied
with the stories that come before you.
Unfold your own myth.

It has brought me immense physicality, even filtering into my subconscious with my practice extended into dreams. In 2007 a friend of mine asked why I trained and I told him that a part of me truly believes that upon death, when we become united with the Void, it is up to us to carry forth the virtues we lived by to assist us. When I am reunited with my sifu’s spirit, I would want it to be self evident that I continued on the path that he inspired.

We come
spinning out of nothingness,
scattering stars like dust.

Gung Fu has given me a level of understanding and a sense of belonging that others find in music, or in religion or in drugs. My life has been one of abstinence and frugality. To this day I have not touched alcohol, have never smoked and I continue to apply considerable thought to my daily food choices.

 Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull
of that which you truly love.

What I am most thankful to Gung Fu for, this evening is that it has paved the way for the next chapter in life. After 18 years of self destructive Gung Fu training, I am more conscious of a desire to heal and rest.

*quotes – the sufi-mystic, Rumi.


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