Ripples of Sun; Gung Fu

“The Taoist, upon meeting someone in need, was to share his knowledge out of unselfish compassion. 

After the circumstances in question were settled, they disappeared.  A Taoist was nonattached. 

Unconcerned about worldly things and human emotions, the true wandering Taoist never sought to have a following or set himself upon some throne of permanency.”

Chronicles of the Tao

Today I sought clarity under the liquid warmth of a sun beaming on a spring morning. Head veiled by black hood. Gazing up, I witnessed a red line in the blue sky, drawn by a sliver of glass piercing me last night. The line extended from my navel, linking my soul to the edge of the Universe. Ripples and waves passed through this umbilical chord connecting me to my higher self.

At the park this morning, I gazed skywards, my hands feeling the sting of chill. Content to be alone. Happy to be alone. The rubber on the soles of my feet provided traction. The skip rope, was a whip. Its hyper-metronome beat cutting the ground, sending the Earth spiralling. My feet propelled me and my hands pulled me upwards, cloud-bound.


One Love. One God. One Purpose. One Man.

Gung Fu.

“I and I is a fighting soul, I am one man but I am you all, so spread the wealth, slake the worlds thirst but know we can only save the world when we save ourselves first.”

MC Xander


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