F*ck Wing Chun…again

Upset with the Wing Chun fratenity.

Same old bullshit day in day out.

On Wing Chun
Magazines devoted to an art which looks inwards like an inverse all seeing eye. It has the solutions to the problems, but only if those problems are manufactured in a warehouse where the only ideas allowed are those that ENABLE Wing Chun to operate. These same f*ckries would think that they can go onto the street and insist that some jacked up attacker is only allowed to attack if he fits a pattern that the f*ckries are comfortable with. The least of the f*ckries problem is that the attacker failed to act in accordance with the rules of good sportsmanship. For stick you with a knife he will. Laugh at you he will. Artificial nonsense.

On Chi Sao

To the idiots out there who think Chi Sao cannot be taught until a person learns theoretical bullshit reduces students not to free thinking individuals but to blithering idjuts. Chi Sao consists of three movements only! Tan, bong and fook. Thats it! All you need to do is show the moves and how rotation works. Sure the student isnt expected to be able to use the full dynamic of sticking after an hour and a half, but they will certainly learn the format which they can then go on to develop.

F*ck centreline. F*ck Tan sau. F*ck Wing Chun. F*ckries.

F*ck this.



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